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Minsk Town Hall

Minsk, Belarus
3.8 / 5
An architectural monument newly remodeled in 2004. The new town hall is a copy of the 17th century building. It was blown up by order of Nicholas I in the middle of the 19th century after the abolition of Magdeburg city law in Minsk (this code of laws gave the local authorities wide powers and made them quite independent in their policies). The idea to restore the town hall appeared back in the 70-80's. XX century.
Minsk Town Hall
Address:плошча Свабоды 2, Мінск
Phone:+375 17 226-06-43

Winged Skyrunner

A nice building ... wrong personnel A politician who needs to use brutal force against the people he wants to rule - is not a true man of leadership... Read more »

Mars Hartdegen

So freedom here.

Rob Curry-Patel

Not much to see. Main attraction is a statue of a horse drawn carriage.

Gatto Uno

This is actually the heart of the Old Town. Ancient buildings were reconstructed recently, and they probably lack the authenticity, but still this pla.. Read more »

Matthew McDonald

Minsk Town Hall or Minsk City Hall as it is also known is located in the centre of the city in Liberty Square. The building was first built in 1583 bu.. Read more »

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