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Mikhailovsky castle

St. Petersburg, Russia
4.6 / 5
Built by order of Paul I in the center of St. Petersburg at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries. The emperor wanted to find a new home, fearing palace coups. Ironically, it was in the new castle that he was killed. Subsequently, the territory was transferred to the management of the Russian Museum. The castle is open to tourists for tickets or as part of excursions on an ongoing basis. In the courtyard are monuments to Peter I and Paul I.
Mikhailovsky castle

Ильина Ирина


Марина Вейде

The interiors of the castle are very beautiful.

Андрей Волин

Spoiled palaces of Petersburg this castle can seem very modest. The collection of paintings is small. Basically, these are portraits of the queen and .. Read more »

Vladimir Jastrebov

Handsomely. It's sad (history). Interesting

Alex S

Good place for foreshortening

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