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Metekhi St. Virgin Church

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.6 / 14
The church is located on the edge of a sheer cliff, which is located in the center of Tbilisi. It was erected in the XIII century on the site of the palace of the founder of the city of Vakhtang I Gorgasali. Over the next three centuries, the building was destroyed several times. The temple built in the 16th century has survived to this day. The architecture of the church is an exemplary example of Georgian temple architecture, which is characterized by laconic forms and the absence of decorative elements.
Metekhi St. Virgin Church
Metekhi St. Virgin Church
Address:Metekhi Street, Tbilisi
Phone:+995 32 222 85 32

Mohammad Al-Hadrusi

If you want to see an unusual sunset you should visit Metekhi Church in that time and enjoy the view.

keti gogishvili

King Vakhtang I Gorgasali built a church, a fortress and a palace which also served as the king's residence. The name of the temple associated with t.. Read more »

giorgi salamashvili

The name "Metekhi" was first time mentioned in the Georgian medieval chronicles Kartlis Tskhovreba in connection with suppression of the rebellion aga.. Read more »

Around Georgia

The churche of 13 century. Main church for Georgian kings.

Alan Evans

I only saw it from the outside but it looked impressive.

Shako Abramishvili

Old and beautiful place, must see when you visit Tbilisi.

Mohammad Qutaishat

An old landmark Cathedral An old church that is on a Cliff overseeing the Mtkvari river, making it a very nice view and visible from the old town, the.. Read more »

Sharatchandra Rao

The Metekhi Virgin Mary Assumption Church or Metekhi Church is a Georgian Orthodox church located on the left bank of the Mtkvari (Kura) river, on Met.. Read more »

Keny Raj

Really nice for the view and the sunset. It's perfect for amazing pictures and you literally have a panoramic view of Tbilisi.

citizen of earth

metekhi church is a Georgian Orthodox church located near the Mtkvari river, on Metekhi Cliff. it was built to be visible from many city points. it is.. Read more »

אביב לדרר

The view from up here is definitely worth the climb. The church held a ceremony when we got there, but we took a glimpse and it looks very beautiful f.. Read more »

kandlus network

Historical church from the 6th century AD beside the famous river close to the old city of Tbilisi. If you are traveling to Tbilisi, do not miss this .. Read more »

Yonathan Stein

Really nice for the view and the sunset. It's perfect for amazing pictures and you literally have a panoramic view of Tbilisi. Inside nothing especial.. Read more »


Next to horse statue, You can see the beautiful river side view. Before the main gate of church, You can relax on the chair and see the view. It was a.. Read more »

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