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Malpensa Airport

Milan, Italy
3.6 / 9
Malpensa Airport
Phone:+39 02 232323

Ozgur Aksoy

Spectacular customer experience, as always. Top service, friendly employees everywhere who don’t stress you even if in the rare times when there are q.. Read more »

Frank Hyanze

Great and welcoming Environment for travelers. Especially now during the Covid-19 Pandemic, distancing and preventing measures are taken seriously at .. Read more »

Alonso Cardenas

Far from Milan. Police control passport took too long The police officers where taking their time despite of the long queues. Security control could .. Read more »

Brian Pereira

Early morning flight ..nothing open for snack except at the boarding gate .. easy excess neat and tidy

Mario Mitrovic

Well, it´s the Italian lifestyle there - when you´ve been there more than once, everything is easy to find. The staff is always nice and helpful, the .. Read more »

Meri Kola

Not helpful at all , no one spoke or understood good English except from a lady that was cleaning Which helped me a lot , you‘de better give her a b.. Read more »

Paulo Ribeiro

A couple of years ago, I traveled to Milan and I took the Malpensa bus from the airport to the Milan's downtown. When we got downtown, the driver didn.. Read more »

Varghese SM

Nice airport. It was my two hours of stop over in Emirates to India. The airport has large area of shopping stalls and it is quite good. The interior .. Read more »

Ron Mosocco

Great Italian Airport to fly into from the United States, Malpensa Airport. (Milan) . We have also used Marco Polo Airport (Venice) as well as Fiumici.. Read more »

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