Maiden's Tower

Istanbul, Turkey
5 / 5
Maiden's Tower
Address:Üsküdar Salacak Mevkii
Phone:+90 216 342 47 47
Hours:monday: 09:15–18:45 tuesday: 09:15–18:45 wednesday: 09:15–18:45 thursday: 09:15–18:45 friday: 09:15–18:45 saturday: 10:00–18:45, 20:15–00:30 sunday: 10:00–18:45, 20:15–00:30

mohamed Almasri

Beautiful This building Used as a symbol for the great city of Istanbul, ‏the Old story of building this beautiful tower: An ancient king dreamed ab.. Read more »

Aditya Grover

Maiden's Tower is one of the most beautiful places to dine or have coffee. The history behind the tower is beautiful. To know the story must visit the.. Read more »

Adobe Design

i don't know if everyone know the importance of this place. then please guys go there and take a memorable photos. the location is wonderful

Leslie Meyer

It was a really amazing experience to grab a cocktail and drinks up in the top of the tower. They have a decent variety of liquors and a few non-alcoh.. Read more »

Daniel Braun

It’s a great place, especially for a romantic walk at the Bosporus. Looks great at night from Asian side looking at the tower whilst across Bosporus y.. Read more »

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