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Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles, USA
4.2 / 18
Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International Airport
Address:1 World Way, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 855-463-5252

Vicky P

This airport is always quick and easy! TSA is fast and efficient. The gates are always clean and organized well. The employees are always friendly and.. Read more »

asdf Bill

We flew into LAX on time with American Airlines. There is a remote terminal we ended our flight at then we were bussed to the main exits where you wa.. Read more »

Salena Sheppherd

Upon arrival in my room I immediately noticed NO MICROWAVE...? With the rates they charge it should be included in EVERY room. Also I went to turn on .. Read more »

Villa Micika Dubrovnik

About LAX airport my experience has been great. Big airport with excellent service. The place and bathrooms are clean. Drop-offs and arrivals are con.. Read more »

Al Dhalla

It is a busy airport. It is always a nice experience. Everything moves smoothly. It is ride-sharing friendly. There are designated areas for pick up a.. Read more »

Julie J

I was at LAX this morning for the first time in several years. I've lived in So. Cal for several decades and I have never seen the type of fog that wa.. Read more »

Michael Hidalgo

Great place. Lots of planes. Definitely not my favorite airport in the world since its so massive and other airports are easier to fly through, but it.. Read more »

George W.

A good experience at Term-6. Clean, easy TSA experience, and a modern terminal. Alaska Air has nice lounge and from what I was told so does Air Canad.. Read more »

Maya Johnson

LAX is under construction. They are redoing basically the entire airport. So it's a little disheveled, but not bad. The traffic around there seems.. Read more »

Jarred Williams

Airport is generally easy to use and understand where to go due to signage. Rating three stars for the confusion and lack of directions for rental car.. Read more »

Phil S

It is big, my first time here, i headed to the terminal B. I have lots of packages, lucky me there r also some international students who r going that.. Read more »

dexter davis

Frontier does pack the flight so if you have issue bring next to people. You do have the option to ask to move someone else or upgrade to a open seat .. Read more »

göksun atlı

Sometimes very intensive control is done and they make people wait unnecessarily. But it's still a pretty good airport. You can reach everywhere quick.. Read more »

Andre Johnson

When coming from international terminal I believe was terminal 3. Walking to domestic Delta Terminal 2. Was a 10 to 20 minute walk. I realize with the.. Read more »

jason filauro

Still too busy, even under COVID


Right now everything is really good traffic people all In General hopefully it will stay like this until and after even when the construction is finis.. Read more »

Leanna Arrietta

I love LAX. I can always find available flights in and out of this airport. It's hard especially now to travel for work and find accommodating flights.. Read more »


Nice airport, very easy to get around, it feels a lot smaller than it looks. If you have the time before your flight it's worth going to the other ter.. Read more »

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