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Lisbon Cathedral

Lisbon, Portugal
4.4 / 35
The main cathedral of Lisbon, which arose in the era of the Early Middle Ages. It is believed that in its place was a Roman temple, which the Visigoths turned into a Christian church. During the period of Arab rule on the Iberian Peninsula, the temple was destroyed, and a mosque was erected in its place. In 1150, a new building appeared, which stood six centuries before the earthquake. However, the cathedral was not completely destroyed by the elements, it was reconstructed, diluting the strict Romanesque architecture with Gothic, Baroque and neoclassicism.
Address:Largo da Sé, Lisboa
Phone:+351 21 886 6752
Hours:monday: 09:00–19:00 tuesday: 09:00–19:00 wednesday: 09:00–19:00 thursday: 09:00–19:00 friday: 09:00–19:00 saturday: 09:00–19:00 sunday: 09:00–20:00

Stela Caraus

Hi The cathedral is great and beautiful. The architecture is historical. A lot of things to see. We really enjoyed the visit. The staff was friendly a.. Read more »

Jason Lee

Excellent cathedral with great architectural work. The stained glass is fantastic. It's a bit hot inside during summer time (35+ in August when I visi.. Read more »

Mircea-Bogdan Tănăsescu

Great monument, one of the oldest in town. 5 Euro a tour around it, well worthy. A museum is organized in some rooms, high escaliers with a great view.. Read more »

Angelo Spinola

Breathing Historical Beauty outside. I arrived very early and walked outside, all the way round this magnificent Monument. A great experience without .. Read more »

Abu Daoud

The space is quite beautiful. I understand it is open many weekdays so drop in and see this church that used to be a convent. I was there for Sunday .. Read more »

Abbie Auster

This cathedral has some great architectural work. The treasury has a lot of interesting relics and other pieces. The rose window has beautiful stained.. Read more »

Michael Foley

Beautiful church. Stunning stained glass window up in the upper part of the cathedral. The Treasury rooms upstairs have a lot of cool things to check .. Read more »

Bret Bowman

First of all, this place is NOT "free" like Google maps claims. But the entry fee is only €4, and probably worth a look around. It's an amazing struct.. Read more »

Flavio Pimentel

The “Sé de Lisboa” is one of the most iconic building in the city. It is located in the beginning of the “bairro alto” and is easily accessible by tra.. Read more »

Coralie Pattenden

Beautiful building on the outside but nothing special on the inside. You have to pay to venture past the back pew. It was reasonably simply decorated .. Read more »

Carla Maria Ferreira

Iconic building in the heart of the city remaining us that God is among us always and forever He will be! Is dedicated to Santa Maria and Saint Anthon.. Read more »

Chris Mc

Shows the rich history of the cathedral within the city and how it has survived many earthquakes and changed over the years. Would have been good if y.. Read more »

Elaine Warmington

Only interesting for historical or religious reasons. Maybe I have seen too many cathedrals in the last few years but this one didn’t excite me. Never.. Read more »

Michael Uzmann

The oldest church in the city of Lisbon, built in 1147, this cathedral has survived multiple earthquakes and has been renovated and restored several t.. Read more »

Travel around the world A

The solid and imposing Se Cathedral is Lisbon’s most important and iconic religious building. Since the 12th century the Se Cathedral has been entwine.. Read more »

Ruth Lewis

Very nice cathedral. I loved the atmosphere, especially in the main church area. The museum and exhibition area above is really educating and interest.. Read more »

Mehroz Mahjabin

Only visited from the outside since we got there right after it closed. Nice place to take photos. Great area to explore on foot.

Venkat Iyer

Beautiful Cathedral that's a must see in Lisboa. Take a picture of the church with the historic tram 28 in the background and you would have captured .. Read more »

Beth Thomas-Kim

Stunning Romanesque church from 1147 with a 14th century Gothic ambulatory that shouldn't be missed. Great location within walking distance of a jaw-d.. Read more »

Jadiel Mendes

This cathedral is better known as Sé de Lisboa, and it’s the oldest and most important church in the city. The Cathedral’s Gothic cloister is similar.. Read more »

Lina S. Low

Very basic cathedral i would say when I see it. Quite similar with the one i saw in Paris, but this one much more smaller and simple.

Press Travelfirst

So impressive. So sacred. One of our favourite landmarks in Portugal

Jenson Varghese

Very nice to hear the mass and feel more blessed with st Anthony's

Sibole Staline

I often looked up at the cloistered cathedral from the park. I walked up one Sunday during curfew and marvelled at what is the cathedral. I love so mu.. Read more »

Yonathan Stein

The cathedral is nice but not impressive. It's the biggest one around there so you should pay a visit. Anyway I prefer cathedrals with Gothic / more e.. Read more »

Adetutu Obasa

We did not go inside this Cathedral. But we were around it and the area is a place to visit. They have those tourist ride stand outside there. The dri.. Read more »

Kathleen Black

The upstairs treasury was beautiful. Gorgeous church to visit

Bruce Mendes

Amazing seafood. Lovely staff and a fantastic location in the heart of Alfama. Highly recommend a stop here for some lunch/dinner in Lisbon

Daniel Mlynski

If you are walking in this area you can Make a short Stop

Jakub Jaszczyk

Unique and fascinating. Originally placed with astonishing architectural vibe.

veronica grussu

The entry isn't free, u must pay for see a cathedral. Don't like it!

Elle Sing

Was cool to grab a quick photo. Heard it was built in the 11th century. Not sure if it's accurate, just heard it from our Uber driver. We didn't buy t.. Read more »

Hugo Jepsen

One of the most amazing places to visit in Lisbon for sure. I absolutely loved the feeling I had the first time I gazed into it. Go there in the mor.. Read more »

Pedro De Jesus

Great to visit at any time! Everything looks beautiful including the area around

Sujon or RASHID

One of the most amazing place I had visited! It’s a solid and imposing Cathedral is Lisbon’s most important and iconic religious building. Since the .. Read more »