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Liberty Square

Tbilisi, Georgia
4.6 / 14
Liberty Square
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Aykut Coban

Very beautiful amazing place. It is one of the squares that I want to come and see from time to time. You should definitely see it. even more beaut.. Read more »

Adenike Dairo

Beautiful place. There’s a subway underground that takes you to the other side. On the other side is the Tbilisi mall and a street market with lots of.. Read more »

Oleksii Baliuk

A very large and beautiful square, in the center of which there is a beautiful monument to St. George! From this square you can walk along the narrow .. Read more »


Good shopping place. Close to all important museums and big mall Close to public service hall and bridge of peace. Best jewelry shop is at this locati.. Read more »


Having had the experience of SF sensational lights and darks.. this place is flawlessly of the resemblance of such an exotic breathing of the city..

Rajesh Ramesh

Rustic. Modern. Busy. At the heart of the excitement in the city! Lots of options for food and wine all around!

Ivan Masalitin

Beautiful place with great architecture, located in the middle of Tbilisi. At this place there are a lot of restaurants where you can have a great me.. Read more »


If you like to look at phallic golden monuments at the center of major traffic intersections you should be happy here. It's good as a landmark for dir.. Read more »

Thanzeel Muhammed

Central point of attraction in Tbilisi,good for sight seeing and shopping

giorgi salamashvili

The square was originally named after Ivan Paskevich, the Count of Erivan, a Ukrainian general in the Russian Imperial Army, who earned his title in h.. Read more »

AM Travel

Place that you should visit and enjoy walk tour in Rustaveli Avenue to freedom square

Tim Paris

Beautiful monumental square close to the old city, hard to miss when walking in the city

Jamil Yahia Alju'beh

Very nice place It have the modern and ancient spirit

kakha oghadze

Nice, good and historical place. Central Tbilisi

abanoub ragheb

The most popular square in Tbilisi, you can go there by metro (liberty Square metro station) Close to the old town and the old city walls.

Atefe .d

It is main square and nice.galleria mall is in liberty Square.


Great view and elegant place to click pictures.

Turin Piat

The hub for the heart of Tbilisi from where all the most interesting street start

Kopeshia Skvami

Nice place, but unfortunately with very polluted air.

A.K. Young

This is the heart of old town where you can see modern architecture and shops nestled alongside ancient ruins and classic Georgian buildings. The stre.. Read more »

levani gigilashvili

Very center of Tbilisi City. All major sights are on the walking distance. Very lively and beautiful with nice restaurants, lounges and clubs around ⭐.. Read more »

Robyn Yip

Love all of Tblisi old and new. Great exploring and tons of hidden gems. The hospitality, food and wine are amazing! Can't wait to go back.

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