Leonardo da Vinci International Airport

Rome, Italy
4.6 / 5
Leonardo da Vinci International Airport
Address:Via dell' Aeroporto di Fiumicino, Fiumicino
Phone:+39 06 65951


There are many check-in desks for all the airlines that depart from T3. At information center they will guide properly. Also You have to look on the screen for which desk to go to. There are several shops and restaurants to go to while you wait for y.. Read more »


I found Leonardo da Vinci International Airport to be very user friendly! Upon arrival it was very easy to use the e-passport machines to get through customs. It literally took less than 5 minutes. This was very helpful considering my long journey to.. Read more »


It was nice experience to travel from Rome airport , back to Karachi via Dubai. Airport is huge , full of facilities , easily check in and move to final gate. it was my first time at this airport and i didnt find any difficulty . The airport was.. Read more »


This is my favorite airport!! I got there three hours early. It was not necessary. Information for flights isn't even posted that early at FCO. Customs was simple. Facial recognition is used at security. Enjoy your flight! (My trip was July 20.. Read more »


One of the finest airports. Have a good facilities for the world traveller. Easy to access and find things


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