Lennon Wall

Prague, Czech Republic
4 / 7
Wall with numerous graffiti created by fans of the Beatles and D. Lennon. There is a version that it arose as a protest against the communist authorities. The monument symbolized the free spirit, the desire for independence and freedom. Authorities tried to tear down the wall several times, but to no avail. It should be noted that the legendary musician himself never visited Prague.
Lennon Wall
Lennon Wall
Address:Velkopřevorské náměstí, Praha 1


I owe it to Google Maps for discovering this amazing attraction. I hit “explore” and browsed through the many attractions in Prague. I loved the wall. It was beyond my expectations. I thought it would be scribbles of graffiti but it wasn’t. Ther.. Read more »


An excellent and must-see attraction while in Prague. This was on my list of places to visit and it did not disappoint. It seemed to have recently been painted, we visited beginning of December, 2019. It was SO colorful and mesmerizing. Lots of musi.. Read more »


You might struggle to get your photo next to this wall because it is such a tourist attraction, but this is for good reason. It's a beautiful monument to freedom that clearly continues to mean so much to so many people. Simply beautiful, and very mov.. Read more »


Brilliant, go at night and it'll be absolutely empty... That's what I did. Go in the day time and well, good luck getting a photo, it's super busy! Absolutely amazing to see though, I'm so glad they turned it into a monument, long live free speech:)


You can witness the popularity of this place by the the number of people that gather around this wall to get those pictures. It sure is a sight and one not to miss if you're around Prague castle. Makes you wonder of all the history and stories that.. Read more »


Seems to attract a lot of tourists. I don't know why . It's just a non exciting bit of wall covered in graffiti. There are so many worthwhile beautiful places to visit and see in Prague. Well worth a miss


I know It’s a very famous wall but when I got there, my first reaction was that’s it?! This is what all the hype is about!! So yes, it’s a decent wall with a lot of art work on it but it’s worth visiting and get that MANDATORY picture clicked and tic.. Read more »


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