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Lake Varna

Varna, Bulgaria
4.7 / 6
An extended estuary on the coast near Varna, which is connected to Beloslavsky Lake and the Gulf of Varna through shipping channels. The pond has an area of 17 km² and a relatively shallow depth of only 19 meters. Its bottom is covered with a layer of silt and hydrogen sulfide mud, which has healing properties. Near the lake is the famous Varna Necropolis.
Lake Varna

Dinesh Ratnakar

Best place to relax


Awesome place.. greenery... Full farming spot on the banks of river

Daniel Yordanov

The village of Kazashko. On the shores of Varna lake. Beautiful and quiet place.

Maxim Klinkhamer

I loved it.

Sandeep Easwaramangalam

The lake have beautiful views.. its generally foggy in the winter mornings..

Димо Димитров

A place where you can practice sailing, there is ship way to Varna Zapad port and ship repairing yards in the western part of the lake.

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