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Kyiv City Teacher's House

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.2 / 9
Kyiv City Teacher's House
Kyiv City Teacher's House
Address:вулиця Володимирська, 57, Київ
Phone:+380 44 234 8125

Theodore Hofman

Great building. It becomes unbelievable from the thoughts that the history of Ukraine was created in it: UCR, Directory.

Дмитро Перепелиця

The door is locked, the handset is not picked up

Андрій Сластіон

The best place for cultural leisure in the city center.

Тарас Андрусевыч

Amazing Educational Center for Teachers of All Ukraine !!! We are glad to congratulate our colleagues from the Carpathians in these days of Shevchenko.. Read more »

Milk Ket

It is sad that the teacher's house is in this condition

Dasha Kotsyumbas

There are no cafes and dirty there. And everything else is good

Алексей Крушельницкий

This is a unique building in which the Grushevsky Council was sitting, in its image and likeness a BP building was built. Now the House of the Teacher.. Read more »

Ruslan Chepil

Teacher’s house in Kiev is somewhat similar to Verkhovna Rada. There is also a dome This is a historic building. Once here it was accepted into the pi.. Read more »

Viktor Palchyk

The building looks awesome

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