Kyiv Funicular

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.6 / 5
The unique funicular of the beginning of the XX century, performing the functions of public transport, one of the first in the Russian Empire. On it you can climb from Podil to the Upper Town. Previously, on the site of the funicular there was a staircase of 500 steps. Climbing it could be equated to a real physical training. The system can transport up to 4000 thousand people per hour, travel time - no more than 2-3 minutes.
Kyiv Funicular
Kyiv Funicular
Kyiv Funicular
Kyiv Funicular
Kyiv Funicular
Kyiv Funicular
Phone:+380 44 417 6162


This is a very ornate station and a really easy way up the hill, so if you're passing it's worth popping in and having a look even if you aren't going up the hill. I've added a couple of views of the waterfront area across the road opposite and if yo.. Read more »


Nice store with reasonably priced items for the home. The associate who I spoke to was very helpful. I will definitely be returning to JYSK again.


Interesting experience but long waiting lines over the weekend and usually crowded. Although it can be a fast way to get to the riverside as if you would go around it would take much more walking and time.


The Kyiv Funicular is a tourist attraction and a public transport. The price for the year of 2020 is 8 UAH. If you go up in order to catch a nice view you should sit at the lowest deck of the Funicular. It's better to avoid rush hours as in this ca.. Read more »


Great vehicle, helps you to go up or down the hill easily and quickly. Very beautiful machine. Extremely beutiful stations with amazing lamps. I recommend especially in the evening when you can see the lights of the city. Tickets are very cheap and y.. Read more »


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