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Krzywy Domek

Sopot, Poland
4.3 / 11
The Crooked House was built in 2004 in Sopot on the Heroes of Monte Cassino Street, designed by architects Shotinsky and Zalevsky. Architects were inspired by drawings by artists Jan Marcin Schantzer and Per Oscar Dalberg. Useful area of the building put about 4000 m². The object is part of the Resident Shopping Center. On the ground floor there are retail premises, a restaurant and a slot machine lounge. On the other floor are the studios “Radio RMF FM” and “Radio RMF MAXXX”
Krzywy Domek
Address:Bohaterów Monte Cassino 53, Sopot
Phone:+48 58 555 51 25

Kelechi Jonathan

I haven't been there but a friend who has told me the view is amazing. I hope to visit too.

hardik kukani

Artistic and unique architecture, famous touristic attraction in Sopot, based on the hustling bustling Monte Casino street, with interesting cuisine r.. Read more »

Tiago Carreto

Crazy house very good design and awesome places inside

Katherine G

Nice place to rest for awhile. Price is a little steep though.

Rafal Ski

Great food, nice vibe

Aliyu Mohammed Abdullahi

It's never boring. Lit atmosphere!


Not worth the effort, disappointing, nothing in it, people usually come just to take pictures

Hanne Van obberghen

Very nice and original coffee at Costa

Khalil Jafari

An interesting building to watch!

Sajid Decosta

Very nice view I have seen this beautiful building on the way when I see this I am stop atomatically really very nice one day I will stay here.


It’s an interesting architecture. It’s nice to make a short visit and admire the building if you happen to be in the area. Don’t come here as a main a.. Read more »

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