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Krakow Barbican

Krakow, Poland
4.3 / 8
An architectural monument of the 15th century, the northernmost part of the defensive wall around Krakow, which was demolished in the 19th century. The Barbican served as a fortification that protected the entrance to the city through the Florian's Gate. It is equipped with seven sentinel towers and 130 loopholes. Wall thickness reaches 3 meters. Today, a branch of the Krakow Historical Museum is located in the Barbican.
Krakow Barbican
Krakow Barbican
Krakow Barbican
Krakow Barbican
Address:Basztowa, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 98 77

David-James Ferguson

A wonderful relic from Krakow's past right outside the old city. It's on the route you'll travel to reach the city gates, so you'll run into regardles.. Read more »

Gillian Clinch

Nice building, didn't go in.

Jennifer Smith

Whilst the walls are in very good condition, the only history translated is on the ground level. There is no information whatsoever on the top levels... Read more »

Samuel Torres

The barbican is one of the few remaining relics of the complex network of fortifications and defensive barriers that once encircled the royal city of.. Read more »

Magdalena Pinkwart

Medieval fortress. The biggest barbican in Poland.

Paula Caballero Valido

Amazing place. Super nice, usually Walking tours star here.

Eoisy Mac

Went to the barbecue and yet no burgers, no chicken, not even a sausage!!! Dont know if I would ever come back if I'm honest.


Fortress veteran! built in 1500 took part in many sieges of the city To see such a structure is simply amazing! I managed to get inside and I was cle.. Read more »

Neha Singh

The animation show was superb. Very well showcased the history of Krakow. And being an Indian, got to know its connection with Hindu god Shiva. That w.. Read more »

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