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Kościuszko Mound

Krakow, Poland
4.7 / 11
Memorial barrow dedicated to the national hero of Poland Tadeusz Kosciuszko. It is located in the west of Krakow on the natural hill Sikornik. The monument was erected in 1823. In 1854, a fortress was built around it for the purpose of placing the Austrian garrison. During the battles for the liberation of Krakow in 1944, the hill played the role of an important observation post for Soviet soldiers.
Kościuszko Mound
Kościuszko Mound
Address:al. Waszyngtona 1, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 425 11 16

Dmitryj Orlowski

The place with an amazing patriotic atmosphere. The museum is also interesting for children. Also is a good place to visit if you are interested in hi.. Read more »

Shahd Almahameed

Nice for an outing in the spring with fresh air! The view from top is amazing! There’s a nice coffee house there as well. I think it’s nice for a picn.. Read more »

Victor Hugo

Nice place with a nice view from the city. Depending on the day, the wind can definitely hit up but nothing that screw up the trip. Due to covid restr.. Read more »

Sven Macioschek

Very nice view through the hole city. Cool Restaurant with Drinks, snaks and Ice cream. Very recommendable. Enjoy!

Saurabh Madheshiya

Awesome outing place(Museum) in Krakow where you can spend quality time and also can see 360 view of krakow town. Tickets require to go on top. Must v.. Read more »


There is a nice restaurant within 22 minutes walking distance from here called Pod Księżycem (at Księcia Józefa 71). If you're in a car you may want .. Read more »

Hiral Sheth

Amazing view ? this place has my Heart ? open natural rooftop ? In love with this place, please do visit when ever you travel to Krakow.

Veronika Andrlová

Very nice place, but it’s impossible to go on the mound without visiting the museum.

Davis Urdaneta

It's nice quick visit just outside the city center and have a stunning view of Krakow skyline. A cheap Uber ride to get there. You will pass through a.. Read more »

Dragan Petrovic

The highest point of the city. Can see three sides of the city, centre included. Before and after there are small historical representations. Easy to .. Read more »

Chirag Arya

Very nice and calm place, basically a dom shaped high ground built during world war to see the enemies approaching from a distance and take an advanta.. Read more »


The view is amazing, the museum is very interesting and it's not very hard to climb. The only problem might be transport as the buses only arrive ther.. Read more »

Farid Shumbar

Nice view from the mound but you can't climb if the ticket window is closed. There used to be a panoramic cafe but not sure if it's working. The resta.. Read more »

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