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★ 4.9

Kocatepe Mosque

Ankara, Turkey
4.9 / 9
Mayzhe two ten years, repairing rock since 1967. The author of the project is the architect Hyusrev Tayla. Some of them were overlooked by the current day, and even in the course of the journey, they were given the classic style. The chotiri minareti stand along the perimeter. Skin visota - 88 meters. The area of the whole complex is 4200 m². In the middle of the walls and for the season, they are made with marmor, and also in the interior you can see significant sizes of crystal chandeliers.
Address:Kültür Mahallesi, Doktor Mediha Eldem Sokak No:67
Phone:+90 312 295 70 00

Manan Anwar

The Turkish mosques are some of my favourite places in every city. They are calm, peaceful and quiet. Kocatepe mosque is the same. The mosque is a s.. Read more »

Morgana Toledo Agner

Perfect place to feel peace and sea the views of the city. Humble mosque, recomended to go on friday. The energy in this place is amazing.

Baker Jabbar

It's a very nice and big masjid in the middle of Ankara. I liked my experience inside and around it. I'd like to go and visit it again.

Parvēz Islam

A great work of Islamic architecture, MaShaAllah. The Imams and Muaddhins are highly qualified. However, I’m sad to see only few people coming to pray.. Read more »

Ghulam Fareed

It is a huge mosque. Biggest in Ankara. visiting the mosque specially at night gives peace of mind.

Hani Taleb

A beautiful mosque, and a breath taking Azan. It is located close to downtown so it is easy to reach if you're near Kızılay. The cuma prayer here was .. Read more »

Jeannie Kelly

Sending lots of positive energy, tranquility and above all- the best wishes for safety and peace from the United States of America. We Believe in Hope.. Read more »

Zakiya Nfs

i live just behind the Mosque, it's a very beautiful view of Kocatepe, I love it very much. The adzan is wonderful too!


The idea of building the Kocatepe Mosque dates back to the 1940s. On December 8, 1944, Ahmet Hamdi Akseki, the Vice-President of Turkish Religious Aff.. Read more »

Emre Ozden

MashAllah a very large but lovely and warm mosque. May peace upon all muslim ummah.

Sinéad Browne

Such a beautiful and peaceful place. Absolutely huge and so impressive inside.

hazem hajjawi

The Kocatepe Mosque (Kocatepe Jami') is the largest mosque in Ankara, Turkey. It was built between 1967 and 1987 in the Kocatepe quarter in Kızılay, a.. Read more »

Ron van Bruchem

Wonderful large mosque. You can go inside without shoes.

A Space Time Traveller

Very nice place for prayer, and a nice place as a mosque.

Yonathan Stein

It is hugem. Amazing architecture and great place to enjoy the sunset. You can take perfect pics right before sunset, during and when the night is jus.. Read more »

Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan

A beautiful mosque! It is in the heart of Kizilay, so if you visit Kizilay, do offer a prayer. The construction of the site is beautiful, and it is pe.. Read more »

Stone Art

This is a very beautiful large mosque with good facilities for both men and women. There's little cupboards to place your shoes securely and plenty of.. Read more »