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Princely Golitsyn Castle

Gaspra, Ukraine
4.2 / 5
Princely Golitsyn Castle

Любовь Агапова

The place is beautiful, unique and a bit sad because of what is abandoned. If only to restore it ... We had a rest in Gaspra in the summer. In the eve.. Read more »

Артем Галаев

Very beautiful castle. They didn’t go inside, but often walked by enjoying the views.

Жека Сазоненков

A beautiful castle, and next to it, on the back side, a cool park, there is something to see or relax, and you can go the other way along the sunny pa.. Read more »

Юстас Алекс

The facade is beautiful. Inside did not have to look. But judging by the back - ruin. What an abandoned country, such and buildings

alex sk

You have to pay for everything

Tommes Januarius

Former palace of countess panina. Located within a pretty park.

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