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Kharkov Planetarium

Kharkiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 6
Kharkov Planetarium
Address:провулок Кравцова, 15, Харків
Phone:+380 57 705 0020
Hours:monday: 11:00–17:00 tuesday: 11:00–17:00 wednesday: 11:00–17:00 thursday: 11:00–17:00 friday: 11:00–19:00 saturday: 11:00–19:00 sunday: 11:00–17:00

Moishe Livshitz

Interesting place. There is a lot to learn about planets and the galaxy.

Olga InGreen

I was here for the first time more than 10 years ago. In January, I decided to come with the children to the New Year's children's show. Impressions a.. Read more »

Николай Тутов

I answer the message below. Thank you for your response. In general, the institution is good and there are no analogues in the city, as far as I know... Read more »

Oleksandr Slobodian

Visited the planetarium museum - a very interesting place, both for adults interested in space and engineering topics, and for children! Lots of inter.. Read more »

Roman Temnenko

A good place to bring children and learn with them something new about Universe.

Dmytro Niemtsev

The place where you can see the stars.

Alexander Tverdohleb

Very nice place with awesome shows!

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