Keramikos Archaeological Site

Athens, Greece
4.8 / 5
The ancient city cemetery, where the most worthy representatives of Athens were buried until the 4th century. As a necropolis, this place has been used since the Bronze Age. Here lie the famous military leaders, statesmen and philosophers, including Pericles, Klisfen, Solon, Chrysippus and Zeno. The cemetery has many tombstones of the Ancient period, tombstones and sculptures.
Keramikos Archaeological Site
Address:Ermou 148, Athina
Phone:+30 21 0346 3552
Hours:monday: 08:30–16:00 tuesday: Closed wednesday: 08:30–16:00 thursday: 08:30–16:00 friday: 08:30–16:00 saturday: 08:30–16:00 sunday: 08:30–16:00


There was a lot of history in the museum. Thinking back to everything that happened in the place is amazing, and not many people were there.


This site is awesome and overrun with tortoises! Nice place for a walk.


Of all the sites on the Athens combination ticket, this one is a bit more out of the way - but well worth going off track for. I was literally the only person there on my visit, aside from the cats and the turtles! It was incredibly peaceful and well.. Read more »


Beautiful... Historic just wish there was more information on the site without having to pay for a guide


Archiologic site in city center, easy to get there.


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