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Karlštejn Castle

Prague, Czech Republic
4.6 / 9
The famous Czech castle is 30 km away. from Prague. It is an almost impregnable fortress, where important state documents, relics, jewelry and symbols of power were stored. The fortification was built by order of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in the middle of the XIV century. The ruler personally supervised the construction and finishing works. Karlstein remembers the glorious kings of the past and keeps sacred relics in his walls.
Karlštejn Castle
Karlštejn Castle
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Massimo Bocconi

Going there by train or bike, and hike then the gentle hill. Will I reach the top?, while walking through the village road, everywhere is full of shop.. Read more »

Vladimir Balaz

Most foreign visitors to Czechia stay in Prague. Yes, the city is beautiful, but there also are other charismatic spots to visit. Karlštejn (Charles's.. Read more »

Jon Mikel San Vicente Gar

XIV century Castle close to Prague. Located between hills. I would recommend the second guided tour since It gives the most complete detail of the Cas.. Read more »

Der Dunkle Parabelritter

Dont take a tour there! I visited hundreds of castles and never wasted that much money on barely nothing. The castle is pretty - sure. You can visit t.. Read more »

Tomáš Plevko

Really something to see yourself. The castle has really excellent location, with lovely view of the castle in the middle of a forest. The street under.. Read more »

Vinh Phuc

Karlštejn Castle (Czech: hrad Karlštejn; German: Burg Karlstein) is a large Gothic castle founded in 1348 by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and .. Read more »


The guided tours were unavailable but we enjoyed it nonetheless

Alexander Viol

Very beautiful old castle, great for a short visit from Prague. The surroundings and the nature are very beautiful too. Totally would go there again .. Read more »

Tomáš Pazourek

Legendary castle, which needs no introduction. Exteriors are splendid and interiors are ever more so. Charming restored medieval architecture, which s.. Read more »

Toto Ille

Beautiful castle, easily accessible by car or train from Prague. They offer 3 types of tour both in Czech and English. Can be quite busy though.

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