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Kalusʹka Misʹka Rada

Kalush, Ukraine
2.6 / 5
Kalusʹka Misʹka Rada
Address:вулиця Івана Франка, 1, Калуш
Phone:+380 3472 60019

Petro Perehiniak

City center, historic building.

Алекс Чернов

Good people, warm meeting. Affected.:)

Василь Петрович

Mayor !!! I'll take you on a tour of the city. I'll give you a broom and you will clean the shovel. Do you inspect the city at all? The lights do not .. Read more »


You really put a church mural in the middle of the center, if everyone wanted a more modern one, are you there ku-ku?

Roman Daniv

Closed Joint Stock Company for implementation of life of corruption schemes of pumping of budget funds and emptying of wallets of ordinary citizens of.. Read more »

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