John F. Kennedy International Airport

New York, USA
John F. Kennedy International Airport
Phone:+1 718-244-4444


Enjoyed it here! The staff are very friendly, the restaurant food is delicious (although a little pricey) and in the Gate, included a little place to charge your gadgets right next to where you sit. I liked that a lot, it was easier than going to ano.. Read more »


The airport is good in all terms. However, the major problem is with the washrooms. I generally fly from Terminal 4 where perhaps the footfall is very high. Terminal 4 however, has good eating options. One gets fresh pizza and good coffee too.


Terminal 2 is lack lackluster, musty and warm. Not a huge selection of restaurants but adequate enough. This terminal has a very dated look and feel to it. Typically will require a bus transport from other terminals so make sure you account for that.. Read more »


Just a terrible experience if you are a traveler or someone picking up or dropping off a traveler. There are no designated spaces for drivers picking up or dropping off so it is a fight with the cabs and the transit agents who wave their wands if yo.. Read more »


The airport is cool It has a food court on the top level and it is accessible from the departures area. They have a lot of place to sit over there and variety of food. What I don't like is that when I come here to accompany somebody who is leaving I .. Read more »


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