Jin Mao Tower

Shanghai, China
3.8 / 5
Construction began in 1994 and was completed 4 years later. American architects led by Adrian Smith were responsible for the project. The architecture is dominated by classical elements with the addition of a Gothic style. Height with a spire - 421 meters. The number of floors is 88, of which more than 30 are occupied by the status hotel. On the top floor there is an observation deck for excursion groups.
Jin Mao Tower
Address:88 Century Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai
Phone:+86 21 5047 6688


When i came at six pm there many tour groups with their tour leaders shouting through megafons. I deeply regret going here. I highly recommend Shanghai tower nearby which was a great experience. I don't understand why people would need a tour guide t.. Read more »


Definitely a must do - sight seeing from the 88th floor. Amazing views of Shanghai and the hotel below! Time when you go because huge tour groups come here and block your view!!


Jia Mao Tower is the forth highest man made structure on in the Lujiazui Financial District, Shanghai. It is 421 meters high. The very design of the Jin Mao Tower make it spectacular to the viewers those who view it from the Shanghai bund. It is a 88.. Read more »


When it opened in 1998 Jin Mao Tower used to dominate the Pudong skyline together with the Oriental Pearl Tower. These days it is overshadowed by the significantly taller Shanghai Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. However, this should not d.. Read more »


Nice ground level view from visiter gallery on top. It is one of the finest architecture of the world and the is beautiful from the top of it. Must visit it at least once whenever you visit it. Such an unforgettable experience.


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