Jesuit Church

Lviv, Ukraine
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The church was erected in the XVII century according to the project of the master from Italy D. Briano. However, the original construction plan was proposed by the monk S. Lahmius. The church is one of the first baroque buildings erected on the territory of Lviv. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the local parliament, the “regional Seym,” sat in the church. Since 2011, restoration works have been carried out in the church using Polish funds.
Jesuit Church
Address:вулиця Театральна, 11, Львів
Phone:+380 322 357 676
Hours:monday: 07:30–22:00 tuesday: 07:30–22:00 wednesday: 07:30–22:00 thursday: 07:30–22:00 friday: 07:30–22:00 saturday: 07:30–22:00 sunday: 07:30–22:00


Coming to you straight out the underground! Had a blast exploring the catacombs underneath a 409 year old church located in the downtown of Lviv. Apparently humans were much smaller 400 years ago which makes sense because there would not have been a.. Read more »


In Lviv, many churches have their own labyrinth underground at several levels, that were used historically to hide their treasures etc. I am not history oriented, but it really is worth living the experience of being underground to discover the path .. Read more »


Favourite place in Lviv.Unfortunately now it is being restavrated,but anway worth visiting.Atmosphere and calmness?Just what one needs


Beautiful Church but still in the restoration, many beautiful old paintings, all tourists are definitely advised to visit and listen to the choir.


My favourite church in Lviv! Love it, on Sunday at 3 p.m. there is a service in English


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