Jade Buddha Temple

Shanghai, China
5 / 5
It was founded in 1882. The most visited Buddhist temple in the city. The main value is two statues made of whole pieces of jade. Their color is not habitually emerald, but light and delicate. About 70 monks live in the walls of the monastery. The height of the seated Buddha is a little less than 2 meters. It is richly decorated. Reclining Buddha is half lower and decorated with jewelry. The temple houses the Shanghai Institute of Buddhism.
Jade Buddha Temple
Address:170 Anyuan Road, Jing'an, Shanghai
Phone:+86 21 6266 3668


Dated to 1882 and first opened at 1928, the Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai offers a nice walk through shrines and and Buddha statues. People still comes here for worship their gods and you can join them by trying throwing a coin through a narrow crac.. Read more »


If you planning to go here go early morning which is the best time to visit here. This beautiful place is having different Buddha statues at different pose and gestures .One can see the old Chinese wooden architecture's and beautiful statues with a s.. Read more »


Amazing place, very serene and scenic buddhist temple in Shanghai. I searched for vegetarian restaurant and found one in temple compound. Very tasty food, noodles were amazing.


It is located in the downtown area, Jade Buddha Temple of Shanghai just likes a pure land, quite peaceful and venerable. Originally built in 1882 of Qing Dynasty (1638-1911), It is a temple to hold the two Jade Buddha statues, brought from Burma by t.. Read more »


I had a memorable experience here. The temple is so beautiful and has lots of foreign visitors. Inside, there’s a tea house (expensive!). Try your hand at copying sutra. It was a meditative experience. The staff will require you to sign up online and.. Read more »


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