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Illinska Church

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.7 / 7
Illinska Church
Address:вулиця Іллінська, 29, Чернігів

Denys Glushko

Historic building. Probably built in the XI century, but was destroyed during the Mongol-Tatar invasion. Eventually, approximately in the 16th century.. Read more »

Виктор Мадяр

Gorgeous place. Centuries of history.

Максим Лысенко

A place from which goosebumps))

Наталья Коваль

A unique place in Chernigov. The Antony Mountains are closed for visiting. There is a well nearby. The water contains a large amount of iodine, very u.. Read more »

Виктория Т.

A quiet place located behind a bold mountain. Autumn is beautiful in the shade of yellowing leaves ..

Valentin Burblis

The Orthodox Church of the XI-XII centuries. The sole survivor in the Ukraine one-nave church of Kievan Rus. As a result of reconstructions seventeent.. Read more »

Slava Blokhin

Very good aura. Quiet and quiet. It is a pity that while it is closed for restoration, but the caves are working. Cool guide Andrei Vaselenko.

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