Ile de la Cite

Paris, France
4.8 / 5
It is located in the very center of the capital, in the middle of the Seine River. Several bridges connect the island with the rest of the city from all sides. Cite - this is the heart of Paris, here is Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the castle of the Conciergerie and Chapel Saint-Chapelle. Celtic settlements on the island appeared in 300 BC In 508 A.D. the fortress on Cité became the residence for the rulers of the Merovingian clan, the first dynasty of French rulers.
Ile de la Cite

charles j

What a day for a day dream... one of the most iconic neighbourhood of Paris to stroll the streets and get lost. Centuries of history at your feet with.. Read more »

Luba B

So beautiful!

Gionata B.

Wonderful! ?????????


Beautiful and breathtaking. Filled with rich history and is amazing on the eyes.

Jürgen W. Schneider

As well as Notre Dame some great corners for Coffee and ambience and Roof top Fashion Shoot

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