Hyde Park

London, England
4.6 / 5
City park, where it is always crowded and lively. Tourists come here to see with their own eyes the personification of democracy "Speakers' Corner", where anyone can express any opinion. However, you can not use microphones, so you have to strain your larynx. Hyde Park is a typical English landscape park with fountains, pruned trees and neat lawns.
Hyde Park
Hyde Park
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Marto Zagorov

Wonderful peaceful place near the center of the city. It's perfect for jogging, strolling or simply relaxing. The only problem is the mosquitoes which.. Read more »

Evad ne

A new effectively managed along with lovely. A great deal of natural world are generally viewable below. Many of us liked a good deal in each of our p.. Read more »

Karen Mendoza

I absolutely love this park. So blessed to live super close, so I walk there for hours, nearly every day. The rose garden area is lovely. I wish I had.. Read more »

Murat Çağatay Nesimioğlu

An excellent park, one of the topmost in Europe. Located right at the heart of the city, you can easily spend an entire day there. Very clean, pet fri.. Read more »

Joshua Lacerda

Great park. Very big and lots to do. You can exercise on the many paths around the park. Maybe just lay down on a green huge field. There is a memoria.. Read more »

Claudine Lewis

This visit needs a deserves a re-run. After entering at Marble arch & strolling nearby the Old Police Station we were suddenly caught in a rainstorm,.. Read more »

Neha Ugrankar

I landed here on a cool spring wednesday evening with a friend for a stroll. You would see people of all ages taking a jog,sitting and having a chat w.. Read more »

Anne Fabing

To many wasps buzzing around bins . You just can't sit outside the cafes. Diana memorial , I don't think she would be much impressed by this , it does.. Read more »

Alex Lapkowska

Hyde Park is truly beautiful. The garden, lakes, fountains, native birds and sculptures make it an amazing place to visit and relax. We took a long st.. Read more »

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