Hyde Park

London, England
4.8 / 5
City park, where it is always crowded and lively. Tourists come here to see with their own eyes the personification of democracy "Speakers' Corner", where anyone can express any opinion. However, you can not use microphones, so you have to strain your larynx. Hyde Park is a typical English landscape park with fountains, pruned trees and neat lawns.
Hyde Park
Hyde Park
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Brilliant! I walked around the park for hours and enjoyed the nature, fresh air, birds, and squirrels crawling on people's arms. It was a little bit cold but luckily no rain but sunshine all day I really enjoyed the park. It is quite big but in abo.. Read more »


I have been to this beautiful park and it is an exceptionally beautiful and gorgeous park. I would recommend everybody in the whole world to come to this beautiful and gorgeous park. It is an exceptionally beautiful and marvellous park to walk around.. Read more »


When I was little my mum took me to Party in the park, we were at the very front and we had such a great time. Well I did mainly. I had meet so many celebrities like Kat, Alfie from eastenders and other stars too it was amazing.


An amazing big park in the center of London. it has nice chairs that you can sit on for only 2 pounds and enjoy the sun. additionally, there is the nice lake with the cute swans. and you can enjoy some tasty food, whether from the small shops or the .. Read more »


Social distancing at its finest in the most beautiful park .. may be bias as I grew up in this park. VERY HAPPY MEMORIES as i reminisced through this park -taking full advantage of distancing as always, even before covid. Beautiful. Nice to feel gra.. Read more »


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