Hungarian State Opera

Budapest, Hungary
4.5 / 10
The famous Budapest Opera, almost the twin sister of the Vienna Opera. Both theaters were the cultural centers of the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the Habsburg era. The theater was opened in 1884, the Emperor Franz Joseph, who was struck by the interior decoration of the halls, was present at the premiere. The first years of the opera were directed by the composer Ferenc Erkel, later he was replaced by the famous Gustav Mahler.
Hungarian State Opera
Address:Budapest, Andrássy út 22
Phone:+36 1 814 7100


Now being renovated, even you paid 11 euro, you can’t even see the stage, backstage or the seating area. All you can see is the stairs, the corridors and a few rooms. They have opera performance for 10 minutes to make it up to you for the can’t see.. Read more »


Beautiful building inside. The outside was under construction sadly enough. We did a short tour, and the guide was nice to listen to. We also got a nice little performance at the end of amazing quality!


The place has been under renovation for 2 years so you can not see the main room. However the rest of the building is very nice. There is a 10 minute opera performance that was great.


Beautiful architecture inside and out. We took the tour and it was interesting. The mini performance at the end was excellent.


Beautiful building exquisitely preserved. Lots of History an important artists and composers are celebrated inside. The tours can be very very crowded, they have them simultaneously in three or four languages Hungarian English French German Spanish... Read more »


Gorgeous but currently with renovations we could not see the inside. The tours provided were well paced and very informative and included a sample piece with some local talent! I’ll have to come back at the conclusion of the renovations!


Best sightseeing point for now(personally). Trip is cheap and lasts about 45 minutes, ends with small concert for your language group. Not only pretty inside but also with interesting story. Totally worth seeing.


A beautiful buildings with amazing programs. The building is being renovated right now so im pretty sure that its closed. The food and drinks you can get are pretty good but are slightly overpriced. You can put your coat down but it takes some time .. Read more »


Well worth a visit. Beautifully looked after, murals on the ceiling and gold painted everywhere inside. Marble in the entrance hall opulently designed magnificent building!! There are also impromptu mini concerts just off the main stairs every day. A.. Read more »


The scaffolding around the Hungarian State Opera House has been taken down, but the work in it has been interrupted by the COVID epidemic. We had the chance to see their superb shows at the Erkel theatre. Still amazing, although the building there is.. Read more »


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