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Hundertwasser House

Vienna, Austria
4.7 / 12
Hundertwasser House
Address:Kegelgasse 36-38, Wien

Gregor Petri

The Hundertwasser House in Vienna is one of Austria's architectural highlights. The house, designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, attracts visitors .. Read more »

Yash Vashisth

Friedensreich Hundertwasser started out as a painter. Since the early 1950s, however, he increasingly became focused on architecture, writing and read.. Read more »

Alexa F

Pretty cool place, colourful, interesting and unusual architecture which reminds me of Gaudí’s style. Well worth a quick visit.

SuKyong Pak

It's so lively and colorful! Really liked it here, and it has a wonderful use in society!

Yolandie le Roux

Beautiful and definitely worth going to find to take pictures

Asiyah Noemi Koso

An extremely interesting architectural solution to build a house. The facade is beautiful and very attractive for its bright colors and unusual method.. Read more »


This place is so famous, it is a must-see when you are in Vienna. We enjoyed walking around and taking pictures. It is a photogenic place.

Andrew Yeung

Absolutely a dreamy place.

Cloudia Chen

To be honest I am a bit disappointed about the simple wall. It’s been over rated, or maybe because we just visited the Leopold musuem about Herr.hunde.. Read more »


It’s an architecturally interesting spot to checkout. It’s got a Gaudi sort of thing going for it. The place is a bit out of the way from major landma.. Read more »


One of the most popular tourist spots in Vienna. Worth the short walk from the city centre to see this unique building which is literally a piece of a.. Read more »

Muhammad Waleed Sadiq

This place is rated amongst the top tourist attractions in Vienna, Austria. The building was amazingly beautiful and colorful. Just opposite the build.. Read more »

Selin Savran

I recommend to visit the Hundertwasserhaus when you are in Vienna. The outside was really unique and different than the architecture in Vienna city Ce.. Read more »

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