Huaisheng Mosque

Guangzhou, China
4.8 / 5
One of the oldest Muslim buildings in the world. The mosque was built about 1300 years ago, as merchants from the East sailed to the city, and they tried to create comfortable conditions for them. Of all the buildings of the complex, only the minaret has a classic look, the rest is in the Chinese style. The architectural ensemble includes: the Imam Hall, the gallery, the attic of Wanyue, the Tower of Light, the repository of manuscripts and the pavilion of stone steles.
Huaisheng Mosque
Address:56 Guangta Road, Zhongshan 6th Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou
Phone:+86 20 8333 3593


One of the oldest mosque of the world. It is built by one of the Shahabi name Abuwakas in 6th century AD


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Love this holy place. Went there at Jummah. Alhamdulliah.


Its a popular Islamic mosque build 1300 yrs ago


One of the oldest mosque in the world Located in Guangzhou China. Some says it’s built by Hazrat Saad Bin Abi waqas


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