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Holy Spirit Cathedral

Minsk, Belarus
4.8 / 5
The main church of the Orthodox Church of Belarus. Initially, the monastery of Cosmas and Demian was located here, but in the XVII century the building was transferred to the Catholic Church and the Bernardine Order was housed in it. The cathedral returned to Orthodox believers only in the 19th century. In 1870, a monastery was opened at the temple. After the Revolution of 1917, church services were discontinued, but since 1942 the temple began to work again and was no longer closed.
Holy Spirit Cathedral
Address:вуліца Кірылы і Мяфодзія 3, Мінск
Phone:+375 17 327-66-09

Nadzeya FM

The Cathedral Church by the Saint Enemy. The Great Example of the Belarusian Baroque (Vilnius' Baroque) Architecture Style. The Unique Church Style of.. Read more »

D P Rogers

Beautiful cathedral preserved in very good condition. In a nice walking area of Minsk.

JT Lamb

Surprinsingly surved the Soviet period and is still in good shape, on of the most beatiful of Minsk.

Justin Hamblen

Beautiful church. A lovely visit.

Nikos Belalis

A beautiful church with a simple but imposing green and white exterior, that is in total harmony with its surround. The mass One of the landmarks of t.. Read more »

Mathew Chandrankunnel

This Cathedral was earlier the Bernardine Church during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth period. After the Russian takeover it became an Orthodox Ca.. Read more »

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