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★ 4.3

Holy Resurrection Cathedral

Sumy, Ukraine
4.3 / 12
Address:площа Незалежності, 19, Суми
Phone:+380 96 613 0805

Very authentic place. But if it were not for the destruction of most of the USSR Cathedral, it would have been much better
Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Sumy - Orthodox Cathedral (PCU) in Sumy, the first city building; three-story, three-story, two-story church, which is .. Read more »
The authentic appearance of the Church of the Resurrection has not been preserved, and the modern appearance of the church was acquired as a result of.. Read more »
The Sacrament of the Baptism of the Son was celebrated in this church. The attitude was, to put it mildly, not friendly. The grandmother who received .. Read more »
I love this temple. The priests are always as friendly as possible, at the service it is always clear what is being said. Pleasant atmosphere.
This is not a congregation, but a church. Due to the clumsy power of the city and the "clergy" of this church, the architectural structure is not expe.. Read more »
The heart of our city
Organization, simplicity, openness and a pleasant impression after the first meeting with a church employee. This is the place you want to come back a.. Read more »
Churches,churches...beautiful churshes
Resurrection Church, the first stone building of the city was consecrated in 1702. It was built on the funds of the first Sumy colonels Gerasim and An.. Read more »
Svyato Voskresenskii Cathedral - the main Orthodox church of Sumy, the oldest stone building in the city, an excellent example of Ukrainian Baroque. T.. Read more »
The Holy Resurrection Cathedral is one of the fundamental buildings of the city, which intertwined with Sumy time, history, legends, legends. It is an.. Read more »