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Holy Cross Cathedral

Uzhgorod, Ukraine
4.6 / 7
Holy Cross Cathedral
Address:Площа А. Бачинського, 1, Ужгород
Phone:+380 312 613 552
Hours:monday: 07:30–18:30 tuesday: 07:30–18:30 wednesday: 07:30–18:30 thursday: 07:30–18:30 friday: 07:30–18:30 saturday: 07:30–18:30 sunday: 07:30–18:30

Andrew RS

Amazing place

kanish katiyar

If you are in Uzhhorod, Then visit it once, you won't regret.....

Alex Makhanets

Very old, but beautiful Cathedral.

Ihor Syrota

Good place and very silent

Akhil Vlogs

Very peaceful atmosphere

Sunday Roast

We love Our Holy Cross Cathedral. I am very grateful to Father Vladislav Ihnatyshyn, our Bishops and Priests, and all people who made the Cathedral su.. Read more »

Stef van Schijndel

A pretty church, but not the most amazing cathedral I've ever seen. But what's to be expected in a town of this size. And very nice town however. I wo.. Read more »

Tomáš Kottra

Why didnt they feel the poor using all the gold and pretty stuff?

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