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Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles, USA
4 / 14
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Address:N Highland Ave &, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-469-8311
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

Andrew Bell

In my next life, I want to be a movie star. Always nostalgic walking down the street and seeing the stars of people still alive and dead, who entertai.. Read more »


As expected, it's a tourist trap with lots of tourists and street performers. Interestingly, the main section is not all that big or glitzy as you mi.. Read more »

Tony Mora

HOLLYWOOD Walk of Fame is a must see attraction. I goes as far as several street blocks with a lot of entertainment in between. As a former resident .. Read more »

Germaine Newton

I see the Hollywood Walk of Fame at least once a week now after seeing it almost everyday. It is losing it's appeal, though. Hollywood, I imagined, wa.. Read more »

LV Plug

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a cool tourist attraction in Hollywood. If you're visiting Los Angeles, and you have never visited the Hollywood Walk of.. Read more »

A. Phillips

You can’t go wrong in Hollywood, especially visiting the Walk of Fame. Wife and I had a great time. We saw many interesting characters walking the s.. Read more »

Behzad Taimur

Walking on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - with absolutely humongous names, each of which you want to photograph and get your photograph taken with - is .. Read more »

Tamika Price-Fowler

I'm a visitor so its ok

Kiley Wilson

A must visit place on LA


Must go. Lives up to the hype. After living in L. A. for a while we tend to forget that this is a city that atleast half the world pays alot of money .. Read more »

Alex Dirbanis

Pretty full, dirty and much less spectacular than expected.

Ankitt Patel

A trip to South Gate and the greater Los Angeles area is not complete without a visit to a star-studded attraction. You may not get to see actual cel.. Read more »

Kailey Koo

Very dirty but still pretty cool

Brian Maye

Search as I may, I could not find mclovin's star. This ain't it chief ??

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