Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles, USA
4.7 / 10
The celebrations were written with bіlikh letters "HOLLYWOOD", roztashovany on Gollіvudsky pagorbah. Win bouvement of vacations in advertisements of a new residential area in 1923, a year later, it changed into the symbol of the American film industry. Written in the home page for a special brand and a special sign. Vin roztashovatsya on visoti close to 500 meters on the pagorba mount-Lі scheme. Writing repeatedly piddavavsya attacks vandals, ale yogo shvidko vidnovlyuvali.
Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign
Address:Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-258-4338


Just up off the hike to the wisdom tree there is a side trail that takes you to a vista point just above the Hollywood sign. The path does require you to be limber and stoop under trees and around boulders and what not, but waiting is a great photo o.. Read more »


Just a heads up, you cant actually get TO the sign, its fenced off with cameras and patrols, to presumably protect it from dumb tourists like myself. BUT! Gorgeous hike up, views from all around. Took a lot longer than i thought it would, i started f.. Read more »


The famous Hollywood sign. There is a trail under the sign, which is the best spot for photo. Parking near the trail entrance can be tricky since the street is narrow. Not much else to do in the area but it is fun to see the big sign.


it is an amazing place. very nice mountain, and the view is wonderful. it was really fun. you need to be careful when you will park your car on the mountain. watch the signs and be sure that you will park your car in the allowed place to avoid gettin.. Read more »


Iconic signage! If you like hiking, then hike up to the sign and enjoy the view from up there. If you just want a picture then drive up to Lake Hollywood Park. You can get plenty of good shots from there. However, it is quite crowded.


What a place we the locals LOVED! and of curse a must to visit for the visitors, just be careful to do not bother the neighbors they love the place but the appreciate their privacy as well so lets be nice, the hike is not that hard but try to wear pr.. Read more »


A majestic feeling when you come here. The sign looks fabulous from a distance but seeing it in front of you is beautiful. The view from here of the city is tremendous. There are many restaurants and cafes near this place in the city and many of th.. Read more »


Aishwarya lot of time here in my mornings are in the evening and the views from here are amazing and natural close to the nature environment. You are not gonna find anything like that in your life. Just imagine that one of the most beautiful views yo.. Read more »


The trail is about an hour and 15 minutes. Bring your dog, let them meet some friends. Go early, no later than 7:00 am to secure a parking spot at the entrance which only has about 20 parking spaces, and avoid sun burn as no shades along the 2.5 mile.. Read more »


Great place to visit at least once in your life with friends or family. This Hollywood Sign is located in Hollywood Hills, LA, California, which was created in 1923, Design by Architecture Thomas Fisk Goff and made with Wood and Sheet Metal. But now.. Read more »


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