Hollywood Sign

Los Angeles, USA
4.8 / 5
Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign
Address:Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-258-4338


Just up off the hike to the wisdom tree there is a side trail that takes you to a vista point just above the Hollywood sign. The path does require you to be limber and stoop under trees and around boulders and what not, but waiting is a great photo o.. Read more »


Just a heads up, you cant actually get TO the sign, its fenced off with cameras and patrols, to presumably protect it from dumb tourists like myself. BUT! Gorgeous hike up, views from all around. Took a lot longer than i thought it would, i started f.. Read more »


The famous Hollywood sign. There is a trail under the sign, which is the best spot for photo. Parking near the trail entrance can be tricky since the street is narrow. Not much else to do in the area but it is fun to see the big sign.


it is an amazing place. very nice mountain, and the view is wonderful. it was really fun. you need to be careful when you will park your car on the mountain. watch the signs and be sure that you will park your car in the allowed place to avoid gettin.. Read more »


Iconic signage! If you like hiking, then hike up to the sign and enjoy the view from up there. If you just want a picture then drive up to Lake Hollywood Park. You can get plenty of good shots from there. However, it is quite crowded.


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