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Hollywood Bowl

Los Angeles, USA
4.3 / 18
Hollywood Bowl
Address:2301 North Highland Avenue, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 323-850-2000

Aracely Garcia

Loved going to the Bowl. Beautiful place and well kept. First time in over a year and will definitely be back. Staff was helpful and friendly.


The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite venues that I have ever been to. Any Bowl hosted event allows you to bring your own food and drinks, we like .. Read more »

Efren Brent

This was such a fun place to spend the day at! We were there for 5 hours and still didn't get through everything. The Tour of the Universe at the plan.. Read more »

Tommie Pratt

Brought my 2 year old here and he loved it! There's been a lot of changes to this zoo since I was a kid but it's still enjoyable. I would recommend lo.. Read more »

Harold Clarke

Not bias or anything but truly believe this is the BEST BALLPARK in the world. Great people, food is good and the VIEW!!! Don't think any other ballpa.. Read more »

June Moody

They have done such a nice job creating and the design of the stadium! Great ball park in the bay area... personally I prefer this stadium over the on.. Read more »

Leila Clayton

One of the best concert venues in the world! So Romantic! Saw a ton of legends perform here from Billy Joel, Earth Wind & Fire, and they used to do t.. Read more »

Jill Anderson

I'd never been before. I took a shuttle and it was easy! Getting out was a fire marshal's worst nightmare, but it didn't kill me (this time), and I'll.. Read more »

Janet Zeile

This is a wonderful place to see a concert. ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) was GREAT, with their elaborate light show corresponding to the music. Saw .. Read more »

Tyler Zimmerman

The Hollywood Bowl is a nice venue, but it is poorly run. The tickets are overpriced, and the food is utterly low quality and outrageously priced. The.. Read more »

Jean Morris

Food from Scolaris, which has a huge line, wine from inside- sit in the dome or sit outside. Wine is good and would return again later. There's always.. Read more »

Andrew Joyce

Lovely venue. Stage lighting and background setting are top of the line.

george errington

weve seen quite a few shows here, andrea bocelli, celine back in the day, we cant WAIT for this to be over and we can come again

Jay smith

A lovey little secret park with huge cement slides! They're only opened until 5pm though and not opened Mondays

Sue Miles

Hollywood Bowl gardens aren't the manicured, organized gardens one finds at the Huntington or the Arboretum. Instead, they're meandering, sometimes me.. Read more »

Karl 1974

The Hollywood Bowl is an amphitheater in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It was named one of the 10 best live music venue.. Read more »

Craig Villamor

Amazing and historic venue in LA. It’s worth seeing at least one show here if you have a chance. Parking at the venue is NOT worth it. Park off-site f.. Read more »

Monica Sanchez

This place is so nice! I was pleasantly surprised. There are no bad seats, due to the curved design. The parking was very interesting, people parked .. Read more »

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