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Hockey Hall of Fame

Toronto, Canada
4.9 / 47
As you know, Canada holds a leading position in world hockey, this sport is literally worshiped here. Hockey Hall of Fame - an exhibition dedicated to the development and establishment of Canadian hockey. Here you can learn about the history of the NHL, see biographies of great players, look at the hockey uniform and inventory of teams from different countries.
Address:30 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-360-7765

I had a blast here, such an awesome Hall of Fame and a true honor to hockey. Has the humble beginnings of hockey from back in the 1890’s, and brings i.. Read more »
The Hockey Hall of Fame is a great place for hardcore fans and newcomers alike. It's rich in history, has a great display, and great interactive exhib.. Read more »
Really cool place! I really enjoyed it. First time in Toronto. Great experience if you are a sports fan! You'll need at least an hour to get through .. Read more »
Well worth the time and reasonable cost. Impressive collections as well as a few fun, interactive experiences. I was even impressed and entertained fo.. Read more »
This is truly a Hockey Palace. You can really tell that they want people to explore all the things because its HUGE. I don't think I manage to explore.. Read more »
Oh it was an amazing experience. Walking around seeing all the great scenes and items hanging on display. The shot the puck and shootout were fun for .. Read more »
LOTS of items on display, interactive activities (movies, Sportscentre desk, shoot on the goalie or BE the goalie), and of course the trophies. Respec.. Read more »
It was a great experience. The place is very nicely set up, so much history and character. You can easily spend an hour and a half to two hours here... Read more »
Fascinating experience! Well worth the trip! If you're a die hard hockey fan you'll feel like a little kid again, if you're a causal hockey fan or not.. Read more »
What a cool experience for any hockey fan! Amazing displays, plenty of history and memorabilia. Enjoyed the 9 & 99 featured display, two of the best t.. Read more »
This is Mecca for any hockey player, almost a religious experience. Spent a few hours there. Not a kid anymore, but lot's to enjoy for any age. At 6.. Read more »
What an amazing Hall of Fame!! Great items and elements to see. Many interactive areas for kids and adults to engage in hockey. Amazing artifacts coll.. Read more »
The Mecca of hockey! A must see for any hockey or history fan. Centrally located in downtown Toronto. Very easy to find. Lots of interesting hockey hi.. Read more »
Such an interesting place! The directions to get there and to navigate within the facility are abysmal. These people need to talk to Museums Canada fo.. Read more »
What an amazing display. Our game is represented in the most amazing way, as is the international game. Featured 9 & 99 display was super cool... 2 .. Read more »
A mix of Reverence and Fun! The NHL has struck the right balance here and created the perfect crypt to protect the legacy of hockey! I had been wanti.. Read more »
Any hockey fan should visit this place once. The quantity of memorabilia is astonishing. Seeing the history of hockey right in front of you is beautif.. Read more »
Nice hockey museum. I know they try, but young kids, no matter how into hockey they are, get their fill of hockey memorabilia real quick and the inte.. Read more »
Even if you are not super interested in hockey you will enjoy it! They have lots of cool interactive exhibits and great staff. Highly recommend
Very impressive museum!!! A very beautiful curation inside a historic building. You could easily spend a few hours here, especially given the interact.. Read more »
This is a must see for any hockey fan. One of the best parts of our entire trip. Seeing the history was really inspiring and gave me a newfound apprec.. Read more »
For hockey or sports fans around the world...this is a must to visit...it is interactive, the Gretzky-Howe collection is fantastic and there are lots .. Read more »
If you’re a hockey fan you’ll love it here. Bathrooms were a little dirty but as long as you’re only taking a number one in the men’s you’ll be fine. .. Read more »
Terrific experience. As a huge fan, I appreciated the depth of the exhibits. My girlfriend (who has less hockey knowledge) really appreciated the intr.. Read more »
One of my greatest and fondest memories was spending nearly an entire day soaking up as much history of the sport as I could. Well thought out exhibi.. Read more »
Great experience, could easily spend all day here. Lots of interactive exhibits, and tons of photo ops throughout the facility. There is lots to read.. Read more »
It's really fun place. I went with my Nephew he really love this place and he enjoyed lot. Lot of collections and you can play games. Awesome place to.. Read more »
Just an incredible shrine to hockey's best! And we loved the 9/99 exhibit and the tribute to minor hockey for the silver stick champions.
Really good place. Very interesting for hockey fans. My wife wasn’t too impressed but was entertained enough. I loved the place.
Hope they will get beyond this and open up. Its a great attraction and for hockey lovers like our boys.
When I went it was an amazing experience. Its amazing how the hockey culture as turned into this amazing place. Everybody should embrace this place an.. Read more »
I have visited here a few years ago before -c-19 hit. This was a good place to visit they got a lot to see it so beautiful of a place to see the histo.. Read more »
Great place for the family to visit. Every hockey fan should go here. Very interactive exhibits.
Great place for the family to visit. Every hockey should go here. Very interactive exhibits.
We had a great experience at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto! It’s engaging for both adults and kids, with lots of new interactive activities and g.. Read more »
If you are a hockey fan then you will appreciate, love and enjoy The Hall of Fame. Out of all the Hall of fame's out there this one definitely is the .. Read more »
Pleasantly surprised by this museum that pays homage to a great Canadian sport. This building is fondly called "The Cathedral of Hockey". Wonderful d.. Read more »
This place has an interesting history related to the NHL and other leagues. The trophy vault and great hall are fantastic. The little tidbits and arti.. Read more »
Would highly recommend very interesting. Lots of fun for this wife of an avid hockey fan. Who really isn't into hockey but is a supportive wife. Ther.. Read more »
You need at least 3 hours to spend there. It's a perfect place for those who like a hockey
Must visit!!!
Interesting and fun for entire family.
The Hockey Hall of Fame is an amazing time for all.The incredible amount of memorabilia to look at is almost overwhelming but when you catch your brea.. Read more »
If you are a hockey fan, this HHOF is a must visit. It's conveniently place. There is lots to explore from over 100 years of ice hockey. The Great Hal.. Read more »
Definitely a go-to! They had so many things to look at. Hockey fanatics heaven but also enjoyable for those who might not know as much about the game... Read more »
$20 admission and a stamped hand got me in to see some truly historical hockey-related artifacts. Where to start? The place is HUGE! There is so much .. Read more »
If you're in love with hockey this is a must. For those not so into the sport, it's still an amazing place to visit. The building where all the troph.. Read more »