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High Park

Toronto, Canada
4.8 / 30
City park, a vacation spot with excellent infrastructure for visitors. The territory has its own zoo, playgrounds, footpaths, flowering gardens, a variety of cultural sites. The park is located in a picturesque hilly area, dotted with hollows and small lakes. On weekends, visitors can enjoy picnics on the lawns; sports fans can play tennis or go jogging.
Address:1873 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone:+1 416-338-0338
Hours:monday: Open 24 hours tuesday: Open 24 hours wednesday: Open 24 hours thursday: Open 24 hours friday: Open 24 hours saturday: Open 24 hours sunday: Open 24 hours

High park is my favourite part of Toronto especially when you want surround yourself with nature without getting out Toronto. Fall is so stunning here.. Read more »
It may be the best park in Toronto! It's suitable for hiking or walking dogs in summer, and there are many facilities and trails to choose from. There.. Read more »
Beautiful setting for an outdoor concert of wonderful music. Great sound system. Very friendly volunteer stuff. Be sure to take a blanket to cover the.. Read more »
I have loved this park since my dad used to take me as a kid. Now I take my kids whenever I can. The park here is amazing, my kids love playing on it... Read more »
Very nice park! One of the best free park that I have ever seen. Especially during cherry blossom season! People is packed during weekends so better g.. Read more »
It's a huge park, very beautiful and great for a lot of activities. Parking inside is closed during weekends, nearby street parking is usually full an.. Read more »
It’s beautiful. Very nice place to hangout with friends, family or alone if you like. You can see various types of bird, goose, swans. On top you will.. Read more »
High Park is a (very) large park in a fairly urban area of the city. Its vastness makes it appealing to a large crowd of people, as there are many thi.. Read more »
great place for a long walk. you can spend the whole day here. many places for children, a mini zoo, a large area for walking with dogs. many animals .. Read more »
One of my favorite parks in the city! Spans over a significant area and offers opportunities for different kinds of activities: tennis courts, biking .. Read more »
Vast forested park that is beautifully landscaped in many areas with nice walking paths with lovely vistas. Many walking trails throughout the treed a.. Read more »
This Park is huge it is easy to get lost inside. Don’t worry, use google maps to get you exactly where you want go. It is very well maintained. Lots o.. Read more »
So much to do for adults/kids. Big play park, animals. We did the train ride around the park and enjoyed it, it’s about 30 minutes. Can take your bicy.. Read more »
Hidden jam in the heart of the city. I always try to avoid driving to Toronto due to traffic specially in rush hours. But this was a highly recommende.. Read more »
Very beautiful park. One of the places to hit up if you're in the city. Took my nephew for the first time and he enjoyed the train ride around the par.. Read more »
One of my favourite parks in Toronto - the park where I proposed to my wife. Great place for the family and a visual delight during the cherry blossom.. Read more »
What more is there to say about this vintage park that hasn't been said already? Year round experiences. Favourite for dog lovers and professional wal.. Read more »
The perfect place for a picnic and enjoying the outdoors! My friends and I enjoyed a lunch together near the giant maple leaf garden arrangement by th.. Read more »
Definitely 5 star for what its worth. Stunningly beautiful! The other reviews have gotten the right... BUT: 1. Entrance and parking information is not.. Read more »
What a memorable experience at High Park! High Park has got it all in terms of ideal things a park should ordinarily have. All facilities within the p.. Read more »
A great place for walk and biking. Plenty of children play available in the park. There is a swimming pool situated in the park. It's very close to Hi.. Read more »
High Park is very large so you can always find a nice spot to settle in with a book, go for a walk, visit the zoo they have, etc. It's nice for a picn.. Read more »
Wonderful 399-acre city park with something for almost everyone in every season including a small zoo (though temporarily closed at the time of writin.. Read more »
Great place to get high if that's your thing. Jokes aside high park is an amazing place to spend time. The dog park is large and includes a wooded are.. Read more »
Such a lovely park that lets you forget that you are in the city. Great spot for tobogganing in winter. It can get quite busy at times. There are a fe.. Read more »
High Park is one place that you can never get enough of. The greenery and the space is very refreshing. This is what it looks like in the fall. So bea.. Read more »
Was here last week for a nice walk with the family and we were so happy we went. The leaves were still changing colours so it was beautiful but that m.. Read more »
I call it Toronto's Central Park. Endless opportunities for beautiful photos. Great for a nice picnic. A good mix of both open and shaded areas. My fa.. Read more »
A massive park with plenty of scenic trails, waterfront views, enclosed pool, garden and even a snack bar! As a social hub for the Bloor West Village.. Read more »
Always a great place to visit with kids for the afternoon. Not a long tedious trek, only a dozen or so different animals. The kids playground keeps th.. Read more »
High Park is a great place to see the seasons in Toronto. You can still safely Social Distance while you are there. The sights are beautiful with the .. Read more »
I have been to High Park many times, but This trip was different. My roommate took me through the forest on paths I have never been on. It was beautif.. Read more »
Beautiful part. Very good for family visits. Lots of hiking trails. Labyrinth, little zoo (no feeding) and amazing wooden castle-playground. And you m.. Read more »
So many things to do and adventures to be had. The kids love going on hikes where we end up wherever we want and just enjoy whatever we come across al.. Read more »
High Park never ceases to amaze me. Lots of options for easy to moderate walks depending on your ability and will. Greatly maintained gardens and quai.. Read more »
If you have kids or just love the out doors you will understand why I love this place. From its large play structures for kids to play or just strolli.. Read more »
High Park is always a great place to visit, a green oasis in a modern city, and occasionally quite busy. An outdoor swimming pool, zoo, and kids' play.. Read more »