Heraklion Airport

Heraklion, Greece
3.1 / 10
The airport is the second largest passenger airport in Greece, after the Athens airport "Eleftherios Venizelos". Serves both regular and seasonal charter flights. It is a registered port and headquarters of Bluebird Airways.
Heraklion Airport


Really if I can rate the staff on google maps, I would give 5 for sure. Staff is super helpful friendly and nice. 2 is for this airport, actually everything is fine for me, yes the toilet may be a little disappointing, but still okay for waiting for.. Read more »


Awful airport!! Fast baggage delivery, but nothing more positive to tell! Suitcases laid over another on baggage belt. Old, dirty and disgustingly smelling ladies restrooms next to belt 4. Never expected this in Europe! No trolleys available. No rem.. Read more »


Totally fine airport, bonus points for getting through security in 2 minutes at 4pm on a Friday. Serves a lot of smaller airlines, who don’t have as much automation as larger airlines, expect a more manual check in process. Easy to navigate.


Extended at the beginning of the 1970s and modernized in 2018, Heraklion International Airport is the primary airport on the island of Crete. Especially during the high season in the summer, this airport is very busy. Our flight to Heraklion was on t.. Read more »


Small, no-frills airport. Speedy service on the immigration at the arrival. Baggages come out at the reasonable time. Easy to connect with public transport to town (bus). At the departure lounge , it seems more buzzing with shops than the arrival h.. Read more »


bed behavior/all around airport worker like a animal. nice duty free in small airport but all item are very expansive. I strongly recommend to all traveler if you want to buy any thing expect, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetic or perfume , buy from town is.. Read more »


Airport is tiny and filthy! The toilets are a nightmare to visit, and the only clean place is the duty free and the VIP lounge. Though the VIP lounge does NOT have a toilet, and the food in there is an absolute disgrace, it's the only quite place whe.. Read more »


Small Airport. Therefore, you get fast to everything. The Infrastructure shows its age clearly. Duty free is still very huge for the size of the airport. Only a few places to buy food after the security check. You have to use buses to get to the airp.. Read more »


Nice small airport. Fast check-in, fast baggage handling, etc


This is a little airport. If there is more than one plane landing at the same time, it's full! ? What's great, compared to the supposed "high end" European airports is: you can buy a bottle of water At a fair price! 0.50€ if I remember correctly. In .. Read more »


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