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Hagia Irene

Istanbul, Turkey
3.7 / 13
Hagia Irene
Address:Topkapı Sarayı 1. Avlu, Fatih
Phone:+90 212 512 04 80
Hours:monday: 09:00–16:00 tuesday: Closed wednesday: 09:00–16:00 thursday: 09:00–16:00 friday: 09:00–16:00 saturday: 09:00–16:00 sunday: 09:00–16:00

Alper Pirci

Hagia Eirene is being extensively restored, you are not allowed to go to 2nd floor.Absolutely I'm going to come back when the restoration work is done.. Read more »

Θεόδωρος Τζανάτος

An amazing Justinianian church left alone to be a bird house with one and only net, trying to avoid any further damage by the pigeons. The Iconoclast .. Read more »

Trips in Turkey

Such a great solemn spiritual place to visit. Has a special feel to it. And if you are looking for Museum Passes this location is the easiest place.

Stephanie Ritz

I LOVED this site. It is still being restored, bit iris hauntingly beautiful.

Alex {

Nothing to see there for the money they charge. Absolute rip off at staggering 60 tl. Even with the student discout at 20 tl it is not worth it. Shame.. Read more »

Arya The Sneakerhead Pira

Hagia Irene or Saint Irene, is an Eastern Orthodox church located in the outer courtyard of Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. It is one of the few churches .. Read more »

Hana Riyad

This place is undergoing huge renovations. The lady at the ticket window told me about the renovation and that I can spend up to maximum 4 minutes ins.. Read more »

do die

Very disappointing they did not keep the Roman Emperors. Shame I had to miss seeing them.

Meander Travel

Hagia Sophia is considered a unique monument in world architecture, and its magnificence and functionality has been a good example in construction of .. Read more »

Bassem Al Barmaky

It’s within the Topkapi Palace Walls. Recognizable on Spot because It Will Seems like a Misplaced Peace in that Location. Nothing Fantastic in the Ins.. Read more »

Epic! Forest Destine

I don’t see how so many people giving this place 5 stars. Nothing inside. Almost every door is locked. Can literally spend 2 minutes in here. If have .. Read more »


Though the present church dates only from the 6th century, it is at least the third building to be erected on what is thought to be the oldest site of.. Read more »

Muhammad Agneza Arifin

Often overlooked by tourists when visiting the Sultanahmet area, this museum which was once a church from the Byzantine times offers its own atmospher.. Read more »

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