Hadrian Castle Gate

Antalya, Turkey
3.6 / 5
The only gates of the city walls that have been well preserved since Roman times, resembling a triumphal arch. They were built in 130 BC. e. in honor of the emperor Hadrian. Decorated with marble columns. Because of the three arches, the Turks call the gates of Uch Kapilar, that is, the “Three Gates”. On each side there are gear-shaped observation towers made of stone. Today, the ancient gates of Hadrian separate modern Antalya from the historical district of Kaleici.
Hadrian Castle Gate
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Nice to walk through and explore the old city. Parking is an issue, we had to use the car park beside the marina, which charged us 8 TL for the whole day and was a 10 min walk from the gate. Walk downhill past the gates towards the markets where souv.. Read more »


So there is alot of history behind this place. Plaque at entrance does a poor job of explaining its significance so Google it instead. Worth a Pic or 2. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it.


It's a moment you can probably spend 10 minutes at. There really not much to it in the sense that what you see from anywhere really is what you get. You can take in the sight completely in a single glance. It's on the main road, you can see the monum.. Read more »


Its just an plain old ruin gate. Not much to see here. The walls alongside is few meters long. The area right under the gate is prohibited for walking. The history behind it makes it interesting to visit once. The gate alongside the wall separates th.. Read more »


1889 years old gate of old town makes you feel like a time traveller..


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