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Hadrian Castle Gate

Antalya, Turkey
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The only gates of the city walls that have been well preserved since Roman times, resembling a triumphal arch. They were built in 130 BC. e. in honor of the emperor Hadrian. Decorated with marble columns. Because of the three arches, the Turks call the gates of Uch Kapilar, that is, the “Three Gates”. On each side there are gear-shaped observation towers made of stone. Today, the ancient gates of Hadrian separate modern Antalya from the historical district of Kaleici.
Hadrian Castle Gate
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Xx Xx (CoSmOS)

The old city attractive point. It is awesome to walk around the old city. This gates are opening to the new city part, next to the road along the cent.. Read more »

Val around the world

Historical gate of one of the the Roman emperor Hadrian castles. It’s a nice stop if you are walking around old town, discovering the city. There’s no.. Read more »

Azeen Mustafa

It's in the old town. Not much to do here accept to enjoy the feel of culture and history. We sat in this vicinity and had our meal on the benches ami.. Read more »

Gleeko Mgpc

Located in the Kaleiçi (Old Town). Free to visit and walk through. There is a small park beside it with benches so you can relax and enjoy after visit.. Read more »

Thomas Reprich

Unbelievable that you can actually walk through these historical gates without restriction. I am glad to see people are respecting Turkey's heritage. .. Read more »

Mr. Meer

It's beautiful area. Ancient building and then you go through to markets. There are many restaurants on the spot. It's a long walk which will take you.. Read more »

Levi Clancy

One of the special joys of this gate is not just its historic nature right in the urban area, but also that it's been incredibly conserved and restore.. Read more »

aleksandr osadchih

Nice historical place. Recommend to visit and to see the part of the history.

Gulliette Herus

The place of historical significance that has been preserved quite well and looks magnificent.

Lisa duplooy

Moovit works in Turkey. We used it to get onto the correct bus and travel to Hadrians Gate! It is so amazing to see a piece of history. The old town, .. Read more »

Abdul rehman

It was old ancient place with acutely witout gate but old pillars and structure

Rina S

Very good one

Patrice Merjay

I don't see any interest with this place. Lost in the modern world and no good info on site.

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