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Guangzhou TV Tower

Guangzhou, China
4.8 / 12
It has a height of 610 meters, which makes it the second in this indicator in the world. Construction ended shortly before the Asian Games in 2010. Mark Hemel won the international competition, having received the right to implement his project. The design, with all its power, looks elegant. The surface is mesh and slightly twisted upward. In addition to the television studio, the building has office premises and an observation deck.
Guangzhou TV Tower
Address:Yuejiang West Road, Haizhu, Guangzhou
Phone:+86 20 8933 8222
Hours:monday: 09:30–22:30 tuesday: 09:30–22:30 wednesday: 09:30–22:30 thursday: 09:30–22:30 friday: 09:30–22:30 saturday: 09:30–22:30 sunday: 09:30–22:30

Matthew Jellick

My second tower in two weeks (Oriental Pear Tower in Shanghai) and overall, glad that I went. There are different options for different levels, but I.. Read more »

Shikder Mahmud Sayed (SMS

The Canton Tower (Chinese: 广州塔), formally Guangzhou TV Astronomical and Sightseeing Tower (Chinese: 广州电视台天文及观光塔), is a 604-meter (1,982 ft)-tall multi.. Read more »

Widaad Al-Harthy

Such an amazing place, we really enjoyed the lights and the cool breeze, a short trip with the boat but definitely worth it, the view from the boat wa.. Read more »

Dimpal Patel

Night view is osmmmm.... But this pics more clear to upload..... I love that place

Jorge quezada

This is an amazing skyscraper, I like the design and the night lighting, very awesome indeed.

Tech Focus

This is an amazing skyscraper, I like the design and the night lighting, very awesome indeed.

Regina Alexis

There's a lot of activities, food and to do things. Just relaxing !❤

Ibrahim Alaghbari

Very nice place to enjoy the city view and the river.

salim ahmed

A very beautiful place, night view is awesome

Muhammad Kemal Al Ashri

Very Beautiful Place.. I'm so excited when came to this place, if you come in rise at 5 or 6 am and look up to the sky, you will see how beautiful thi.. Read more »

Rahul Talreja

It's definitely a beautiful place. We waited for about an hour to see the lit up view of the tower and it was definitely worth it. The library near th.. Read more »


Passengers can reach Canton tower by subway easily. The shining tower is spectacularly beautiful at night. Lots of tourists take pictures around the f.. Read more »

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