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Grand Central Terminal

New York, USA
4.2 / 6
The largest railway station in the world. Trains run on 44 platforms and arrive from all over the United States, with annual passenger traffic exceeding 60 million. The architecture of the station complex is solemn and beautiful, so the building has repeatedly become a setting for filming. The station is located in Manhattan and is one of the main attractions of the area.
Grand Central Terminal
Address:United States

Kathleen Murray

Love the new entrance from the new building across Vanderbilt Avenue...lovely!

Magnus Ericson

A building that is beautiful both on the inside and outside. The walls and ceiling in the main hall has decorations with paintings and utsnidningar. A.. Read more »

Wilhelm Rittler

The Grand Central Terminal was the first we saw from Manhattan. Since we arrived via the subway station, we were initially unaware of the size of the.. Read more »

oska papa

Genius bar , bad service!I Found 2 bugs crawling on the workbench ! The technician did not take any action! And as if he see nothing on it!

Marco polo

Lots of people but when no trains people geysg like sardines

Caleb H

This station is absolutely stunning, especially the building. True works of art.

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