Unfinished Parus Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine
3.2 / 5
Unfinished Parus Hotel
Unfinished Parus Hotel
Address:вулиця Січеславська Набережна, 5, Дніпро́
Phone:+380 50 563 4859

Екатерина И

From a distance, a pretty building. Coming closer is a heavy impression. Everything is overgrown with trees and grass, the skeleton of the hotel. It m.. Read more »

Vlad D

An unfinished Soviet hotel building. Built from 1979 to 1995. 28 floors. 996 seats. 25 million rubles (not the entire amount received). Nice unfinishe.. Read more »

Александр Рогатенко

The hotel is good, it has all the comforts for staying and friendly staff. We arrived with my wife for 2 weeks, so far there are no particular minuses.. Read more »

Андрей Андреев

The sad place, the unfinished Soviet era, now stands and how sad. Many teenagers drop out of this building or commit suicide. It is a pity that in our.. Read more »

Анастасия Петровций

It seems like a beautiful view from there, but the place is dumb. Addicts, homeless people, suicides and sometimes passing by positive citizens. This .. Read more »

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