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Unfinished Parus Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine
3.2 / 13
Unfinished Parus Hotel
Unfinished Parus Hotel
Address:вулиця Січеславська Набережна, 5, Дніпро́
Phone:+380 50 563 4859

Руслан Бінда

Many citizens are upset but will accept my proposal with understanding. This place is dangerous. Already more than 10 fatal cases have occurred during.. Read more »

Oleksander A

On the one hand, the symbol of the city, and on the other, why not complete this symbol? Or rather, all the same, demolish and make there a territory .. Read more »

Ronald Hughes

Eerie. The murals on the walls surrounding the place are worth seeing.

Микита Руденко

It's a pity they didn't finish it. There would be a cool hotel on the shore, it would definitely be a popular place and there would be no hang-ups fro.. Read more »


Not a bad hotel. There is a nuance - it works only in the "high" season, the rest of the time it is empty. The courtyard area is a little neglected. O.. Read more »


why this building has not yet been demolished is not clear. It is high time. a haven for alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless people.

Максимов сэм

The employer told me to go here, but in fact I had to go on sail 2, so 3. Well, in general, the place is atmospheric?

Артем Сущенко

The place is remarkable. They say the truth, from a distance, cute. But coming closer, and being at the very object, the soul becomes uncomfortable. T.. Read more »

Екатерина И

From a distance, a pretty building. Coming closer is a heavy impression. Everything is overgrown with trees and grass, the skeleton of the hotel. It m.. Read more »

Vlad D

An unfinished Soviet hotel building. Built from 1979 to 1995. 28 floors. 996 seats. 25 million rubles (not the entire amount received). Nice unfinishe.. Read more »

Александр Рогатенко

The hotel is good, it has all the comforts for staying and friendly staff. We arrived with my wife for 2 weeks, so far there are no particular minuses.. Read more »

Андрей Андреев

The sad place, the unfinished Soviet era, now stands and how sad. Many teenagers drop out of this building or commit suicide. It is a pity that in our.. Read more »

Анастасия Петровций

It seems like a beautiful view from there, but the place is dumb. Addicts, homeless people, suicides and sometimes passing by positive citizens. This .. Read more »

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