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★ 3.0

Unfinished Parus Hotel

Dnipro, Ukraine
3 / 21
Address:вулиця Січеславська Набережна, 5, Дніпро́
Phone:+380 50 563 4859

Parus Hotel - this could have been a great place for a hotel, but now, under the influence of time, it is crumbling into bricks. Lots of separate room.. Read more »
I have no strength to look at this trash heap
A beautiful, but unfortunately, hopelessly abandoned, unfinished building. Although even in this form, it does not leave anyone indifferent! ..
A bit intimidating place. Abandoned construction. At one time, the hotel was rebuilt, but an economic crisis broke out, a political change of power, s.. Read more »
Undoubtedly, now one of the most recognizable images of the city, which can hardly be confused with anything. But it is surprising that with such a go.. Read more »
It is good that we have strengthened the protection of the territory. People fell from above and this does not add to the image of the unfinished buil.. Read more »
Unfinished with the coat of arms of Ukraine. People, what have you done to hang the symbol of Ukraine on destructive buildings? Do you want Ukraine to.. Read more »
Guarded! Dogs bite, stumble and die when climbing to the top, take garbage. It's hard to even smoke ganjas nearby, and in 2012 I watched fireworks fro.. Read more »
Many citizens are upset but will accept my proposal with understanding. This place is dangerous. Already more than 10 fatal cases have occurred during.. Read more »
On the one hand, the symbol of the city, and on the other, why not complete this symbol? Or rather, all the same, demolish and make there a territory .. Read more »
Eerie. The murals on the walls surrounding the place are worth seeing.
It's a pity they didn't finish it. There would be a cool hotel on the shore, it would definitely be a popular place and there would be no hang-ups fro.. Read more »
Not a bad hotel. There is a nuance - it works only in the "high" season, the rest of the time it is empty. The courtyard area is a little neglected. O.. Read more »
why this building has not yet been demolished is not clear. It is high time. a haven for alcoholics, drug addicts and homeless people.
The employer told me to go here, but in fact I had to go on sail 2, so 3. Well, in general, the place is atmospheric?
The place is remarkable. They say the truth, from a distance, cute. But coming closer, and being at the very object, the soul becomes uncomfortable. T.. Read more »
From a distance, a pretty building. Coming closer is a heavy impression. Everything is overgrown with trees and grass, the skeleton of the hotel. It m.. Read more »
An unfinished Soviet hotel building. Built from 1979 to 1995. 28 floors. 996 seats. 25 million rubles (not the entire amount received). Nice unfinishe.. Read more »
The hotel is good, it has all the comforts for staying and friendly staff. We arrived with my wife for 2 weeks, so far there are no particular minuses.. Read more »
The sad place, the unfinished Soviet era, now stands and how sad. Many teenagers drop out of this building or commit suicide. It is a pity that in our.. Read more »
It seems like a beautiful view from there, but the place is dumb. Addicts, homeless people, suicides and sometimes passing by positive citizens. This .. Read more »