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Gorodetsky House

Kyiv, Ukraine
4.5 / 19
Unusual mansion, built at the beginning of the XX century in the Art Nouveau style. Its architecture is very unusual for the Ukrainian capital. The facade and interior are decorated with statues and images of animals, fabulous creatures, inhabitants of the underwater world. The mansion was built according to the project of V. Gorodetsky. This master participated in the construction of the Church of St. Nicholas and the Ukrainian National Museum of Art.
Address:вулиця Банкова, 10, Київ
Phone:+380 44 255 7333
Hours:monday: Closed tuesday: Closed wednesday: Closed thursday: Closed friday: Closed saturday: 10:00–14:00 sunday: Closed

The outside of the building is great. They did not take it. There was a nice show inside, but the attendant at the door said he needed a special invit.. Read more »
This place is really beautiful and has an amazing building. It is a very beautiful place for Christmas and New Year.??✨?
Very interesting building architecture and design. Inside is possible to get only on certain hours on Sat, all the rest days the house is closed so yo.. Read more »
Looks super unusual and breathtaking. Despite of this beauty the area which is surrounds the building is dirty. There are no trash cans at all, steps .. Read more »
A very unique archrctectural building. A must see for first visitors to Kyiv.
Lovely place , old beautiful building. You will be able to see only from outside no entry in a building.
Very impressive front. Definitely worth a look, even you can't get in.
Nice and calm place to walk in downtown. Interesting sculptures on the building. Look out, snipers on top ;) just kidding, may be
Beautiful building. Architectural project fully made of concrete. One of a kind project that you can see with your own eyes. Stunning building and a n.. Read more »
The excellent example of Ukrainian Modern (art nouveau). Huge and powerful building.
beautiful seat of the president of Ukraine more on my Youtube channel Lex Universe :)
Good to walk around, unfortunately you can't go in
An amazing example of Architectural design at the beginning of the 20th century.
Crazy piece of Architecture, definitely worth a visit. There is so much going on with this building. You could keep walking round the Building and spo.. Read more »
Amazing piece of architecture. If you are on Maydan, must see this house, just minutes away
Picturesque place to make photos in Kyiv.
Opposite the President’s Residence on Bankova Street is the pinnacle of Art Nouveau architecture in Kiev. The House with Chimeras dates to 1901-02 an.. Read more »
House with Chimeras is built at the beginning of 20th century by eccentric architect Horodetsky. At the beginning of the Ukrainian independence it was.. Read more »
Must see in Kiev. This building has a remarkable history. Ask your local guide.
The excellent example of Ukrainian Modern (art nouveau). Huge and powerful building.
Beautiful building with amazing architecture. Didn't get to go inside but recommend stopping by to snag a photo. Very clean area of the city as well.
Beautiful and very unusual building. It has been previosly open only from one side, but now you can see its beauty from all the corners. The sculpture.. Read more »