Homieĺ Palace and Park Ensemble's Park

Gomel, Belarus
5 / 5
At the same time a natural monument and a monument of architecture. Located on the right bank of the Sozh River. The main objects: the settlement of the X-XVIII centuries, the palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the chapel-tomb of the Paskevichs family, the Winter Garden. The area of the park zone is 34 ha. Among the 5 thousand trees there are many exotics. The swan pond divides the park into two parts; rides are built in the north.
Homieĺ Palace and Park Ensemble's Park
Address:плошча Леніна 4, Гомель
Phone:+375 232 70-38-18
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A beautiful park full of trees, walkways and bridges. Certainly one of the most beautiful in Europe. It has a palace, a chapel and other beautiful landmarks that are worth visiting. Its trees have feeders and birdhouses that are used by the local bir.. Read more »


Beautiful park, with beautiful flowers, great animations (musicians, animals, attractions, ...) Thank you to people who manage the park


Fantastic place to visit.very well maintained historical palace


Love, love, love???


Great place to visit and find out about the Gomel city!


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