Berlin, Germany
4.6 / 5
One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The main architectural ensemble consists of three buildings: the German and French cathedrals and a concert hall located in the middle. All three buildings are maintained in the tones of a strict classical style. In December, a Christmas tree is installed on the Gendarmenmarkt and the fair starts. Festive lighting is lit on the facades of the cathedrals and the Concert Hall.
Address:Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin


I was stunned by how amazing this place was it was loads of fun exploring the place and there were plenty of places to sit down and get a drink or walk around with one. This place was huge with a very vibrant and happy atmosphere and everyone around .. Read more »


We were lucky to be in a Berlin with such wonderful weather. The architecture is wonderful. You should go there before The New Year because there is a Christmas market there. Gendarmenmarkt was first built in 1688. It was a marketplace and part of th.. Read more »


We only had a short time here as part of our tour, the square was not too crowded (August 2019) and the French Church, German Church and Concert Hall were impressive and imposing structures. I stepped into the German Church to use the restroom, which.. Read more »


Another must see historical place. The twin churches are two of the prettiest in Berlin and the whole square takes you back to the 1700s. Grab some food, and sit outside when the weather is nice, or head to the Christmas Market in December as its the.. Read more »


Amazing market center with amazing views all around. There are restaurants, stores and many attractions in close proximity to here. This is a center place for many attractions.


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