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Berlin, Germany
4.7 / 9
One of the most beautiful squares in Berlin. The main architectural ensemble consists of three buildings: the German and French cathedrals and a concert hall located in the middle. All three buildings are maintained in the tones of a strict classical style. In December, a Christmas tree is installed on the Gendarmenmarkt and the fair starts. Festive lighting is lit on the facades of the cathedrals and the Concert Hall.
Address:Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

Shubhankar Valegaonkar

One of the most memorable places I've been to in Berlin, the culture and atmosphere (in spite of the pandemic and strict regulations) has a charm like.. Read more »

Tolga Öztürk

It's a square, very spacious, open and wide. Don't meet people here late at night, it's hard to find each other. Although if you are specific then it'.. Read more »

Concepcien España

This is an emblematic Christmas market in Berlin and well worth a visit. The atmosphere is enchanting: the music, the way people are dressed up and in.. Read more »

David Tuffley

Love the ambience of Gendarmenmarkt - its stately buildings with their noble proportions delight the eye every time. I walked past here everyday on my.. Read more »

Nathan Eddy

One of the nicest squares in Berlin, dominated by the majestic ensemble of twin domes and Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s Konzerthaus, it’s also home to a l.. Read more »

Manuel Rodriguez

....Such beautiful and energetic place, in my opinion a great place to pass the afternoon-night gathering with friends for a drink, delicious dinner o.. Read more »

Jay Donner

A very nice place when the weather is warm, worth a visit if you like history...

Foppe Wobbes

A very nice square, one of the better ones in Berlin I think.


Nice square with some cute coffee shops. Lively during the day but pretty dead in the evening.


Its good place to visit, but there is no events to do.

Vana Mavrakana

One of the most beautiful - if not the most beautiful - squares in Berlin. I love taking my pictures there every time I have the time. The coffes arou.. Read more »

Donika Lilova

One of my favourite sites in Berlin. If you stand in the middle of the square facing the Concert Hall, you can see the German Church to the left and t.. Read more »

Bendix Catch

Beautiful. A bit dead at night, a little touristy in summer. The Schiller memorial should have been a fountain. If you enjoy classical music as well a.. Read more »

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