Gellért Hill

Budapest, Hungary
4.9 / 8
A hill in the territory of Budapest, named after St. Gellert - the patron saint of the city. In the eleventh century, pagans dropped a missionary from this mountain, protesting against his Christian sermons. Previously, Gellert was planted in a barrel with sharp nails. A monument to the holy martyr is installed on the side of the mountain. Inside the mountain there is a large reservoir and an astronomical observatory created in the 19th century.
Gellért Hill
Address:Будимпешта I округ


You could reach to top of the hill by bus, but you need a navigation app or google map app. Its steep. Climbing the stairs to the top is like a nightmare. There are gambling tricky people. Panoramic view of budapest. The museum is closed.


Nice walk to the top and amazing views during sunset and when the city lights up at night. Just a word of warning that some of the paths coming down from gellert hill aren’t very will lit so take caution when walking down at night, but it should be p.. Read more »


Really nice views on the city after short walk upwards.


Beautiful monument at the top was very special and the views from this small mountain are spectacular!


Best panoramic view of Budapest! Gellért Hill offers some of the best panoramic views on Budapest. A wonderful experience and good impressions of the city are guaranteed! You can see the differences between the hills of Buda and the flat Pest side wi.. Read more »


Good experience. Would recommend spending 3 hours enjoying the baths and a massage


It took us a long time to get on top of the Gellértberg, but in the end it was all worth it. The view was stunning and you could make beautiful pictures. Also, there was a market on top of the Gellértberg where you can buy food.


A popular tourist attraction . Gellert hill is next to the famous Gellert thermal spa .It is a 15-20 minute climb.Once you reach the top you can find breathtaking views of the city with the Danube river . It is pleasant and windy and a must visit rec.. Read more »


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